Business Process Automation Software

Apr 20, 2021

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Business Process Automation is a strategy for business to manage information, data and processes to reduce cost, resources and investment. The ultimate target of BPA is to increase productivity by automating (through computing) key business processes. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is often perceived as a BPA implementation outcome.


Pridesys IT helps organization with Business Process Automation and Business Process Re-Engineering to provide functionality, which will increases productivity by reducing manual processes. By creating flexible automated business processes organizations of all sizes can ensure the following benefits:


  • Greater consistency and conformity in applying business rules
  • Increased Revenue and Reduced Cost
  • Optimize process cycle time
  • Transparent, reliable, effective, efficient and compliance system
  • Optimization of automation by eliminating tedious manual processes
  • Support for compliance initiatives due to greater control and easily accessible audit trails
  • Increased accountability through administrator visibility into past activities and current status
  • Higher productivity that results in increased throughput/reduced cycle times

Business Process Automation grounded is three central principles:

  • Orchestration: Simple this means centralized the total management system. Management can access and control the entire business centrally through a computing system.
  • Integration: An Enterprise Resource Planning system ensure the perfect integration of all the department and business unit. It removes all the possible boundaries across the organization.
  • Automated Execution: Total organizational processes perform with the computing system. So this reduce multiple tasks and minimize human efforts.

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