Accounts & Financial Management

Apr 24, 2021

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Accounts Controlling


Transaction Analysis & Verification


Accounts Integration

Purchase Integration

Inventory & Production Integration

Sales Integration

Accounts Payable

Supplier Information

Transaction Process

Accounts Receivable

Cash Management

Bank Accounts Structure

Bank Accounts Transfer

Bank Reconciliation

Cash Positioning

Cash Forecasting

Process Flow- Cash

Accounting Entries- Cash

Vat Management

Treasury Management

Feature & Functionalities

Setup voucher type, cash & net profit ledger identification, integration control

Accounts category configuration and its nature declaration

Central Chart of Accounts configuration and group company wise mapping

Central Cost Center configuration and group company wise mapping

Multi-currency support

Template base recurring voucher entry

Layer based voucher approval

Receipts & Payments report

Monthly comparative statement

Group cost center wise ledger

Group ledger company wise

Trial Balance report

Company wise Profit or Loss Accounts report

Comparative Profit or Loss Accounts report

Comparative balance sheet

Cash flow statement

Retained earnings statement

Branch wise bank account information

Inter company sales, purchase & loan ledger accounts mapping

Advising Bank wise Realization Ledger mapping

Multiple bill payment in one voucher

LC Payment control & monitoring

Item and Store wise Accounts ledger mapping

Store transaction integration to Accounts Module