Garments Commercial

Apr 24, 2021

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Import Management

Export Management

Key Features:

Proforma Invoice Entry For Fund & Inter Company LC Purpose

PI Approval system from mobile devices

PI Status Monitoring

BBLC opening from PI

Document life Cycle monitoring

Bank Forwarding Application

LC Authorization Letter

Application & Agreement form

Bank wise Payment Status

BBLC Wise Import Document Status

Goods Shipment Status

Sales Contract To LC Or TT through Merchandising PO

Master LC/Sales Contract Bank Forwarding Letter

File Wise Master LC/Sales Contract, Import-Export Statement

Merchant PO Change Status Against Master LC/Sales Contract

File Wise Master LC/Sales Contract & Export Statement

Buyer & Season Wise Master LC/Sales Contract and Export Statement

File Wise Import & Export Statement (xls) For Custom Audit Forwarding Report

Buyer & Ex-Factory Date Wise Export Status

Account Holder Wise Monthly Shipment Status

Account Holder Wise Shipment Details Status

Buyer Wise Payment Status

Monthly Realization Status

Monthly Unrealized Status

Buyer Wise Document Submission Status