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Jun 14, 2022

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Monuwar Iqbal is the CEO of two internationally recognized corporations, Pridesys IT Ltd and Pridesys Global LLC


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Industry automation through a secure and scalable ERP increases its growth by eliminating existing business gaps using process reengineering, maximizing customer expectation, and minimizing resource and data management costs resulting in profit maximization.


The latest technology-based self-developed ERP product of Pridesys IT incorporates multi-dimensional business operational factors leading to place a prestigious milestone in different sectors like garments, textile, trading, manufacturing, telecommunication, insurance, financial, health, education, footwear etc of the national and international market.


This ICT Transformation Leadership Improvement solution has been developed based on Monuwar Iqbal’s successful experience and extensive global industry practices, reads a press release.


For years, our large companies have been seeking this ERP from international providers, and we were transferring a large amount of money from the country. However, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Monuwar Iqbal, developed his ERP products to solve this problem. He made revolutionary ERP products for local and foreign manufacturing, trading, and service companies.


Monuwar Iqbal is the CEO of two internationally recognized corporations, Pridesys IT Ltd and Pridesys Global LLC. These companies offer many types of application delivery services like BlockChain, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, mobile apps, ERP services etc.


Hundreds of private and governmental companies are taking service from Monuwar Iqbal and his team, consisting of more than 150 IT experts by his company Pridesys IT.


The way Iqbal leads Pridesys IT and helps our technical sector grow is much related to the plans and goals of making ‘Digital Bangladesh’ of the Bangladesh government.


Monuwar Iqbal is skillfully leading his team to provide high-quality services with clear objectives to their clients from different countries with high expectations and demands. Iqbal and his team from Pridesys IT got many local awards, 5 national awards, and 2 international awards for their hard work.


Since Monuwar Iqbal is offering this magic business growth service at a very low rate than other ERP providers, our Bangladeshi companies are becoming fans of Pridesys IT. Even with a lower rate, the benefit of their team and product is top-notch like other costly providers.


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