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Pride Support service provision to you includes

Support services:

  • First line telephone & remote support-
    Mon-Sun (including public holidays) - 24 hrs.
  • Provision of assistance, advice and guidance combined with remote support as necessary
  • Bronze level service agreement-
    •  Annual preventative maintenance in line
      with NSI and customer requirements
    • Call outs and parts excluded
  •  Silver level service agreement
    • Annual preventative maintenance in line with NSI and customer requirements
    • Call outs included
    • Parts chargeable
  • Gold level service agreement
    • Annual preventative maintenance in line with NSI and customer requirements
    • Fully inclusive of call outs and parts
    • Online support for installed systems via secure
    • TeamViewer/ GoTo Assist software
    • Remote diagnostics, configuration and health checking for access control systems
    • Maximizes system performance and ROI
    • Minimizes on site attendance requirements (including for integration partners)
    • Minimizes disruption to site operations

Key Benefit

Robust customization

Define ticket filters

Automated help desk

Greater security system reliability resulting in reduced risk and liability

Reduced security equipment downtime

Excel report download

Maintenance and repair budget stability

Improved return on your investment through loss protection

Better trained, more confident facilities administrators

Access to technology and expertise guaranteed response time

A partner aligned with your business operations and objectives reliable customer portal

Product wise Module List PrideSupport

  • Ticket Management
  • Agent Management
  • Issue Tracking management
  • Complain Management
  • Security & Access Control

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Your Trusted Partner

Our customers are our first priority. We are open to serve them 24/7. We have an experienced customer service team of more than 100 enthusiastic members who have been serving the consumers very dedicatedly.

Dynamic Reporting

We are a pen-global company with more than 15 products with our experienced and devoted customer service team who have been serving the consumers very dedicatedly any time they need to support our customers across the world.

Solution for All

Pridesys ERP helps you create a positive customer experience at every touchpoint, throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Since 2013, Pridesys has been a pioneer in the arena of developing Enterprise Business Solution for more than 70 world-famous Industries giants across the world.

Successful Implementation

Our company's motive is to build a long-term relationship with our customers and for this, we believe honesty is the key to our aim. We have an efficient number of local and international clients for whom we are working for over 7 years now. Also, we have achieved honor as a form of awards for our successful contribution in the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 simultaneously. It has only been possible because of the honesty and hard work of our company.


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