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PrideTelco software for Telecom Industry in Bangladesh comprises a huge range of powerful and nimble business management capabilities that can manage and seamlessly integrate each department of an organization to foster smooth information flow. In today’s world, Telecom Industries face noteworthy challenges in driving profitability, fulfilling client requests, keeping pace with new competitors in the market and many more. These sorts of challenges require effective, quick and dependable execution that can offer assistance to a Telecom Industry administration to handle the circumstances. In such cases, PrideTelco lets the Telecom Industries control and organize all functionalities wherever they are arranged and take the challenges in control significantly. All department-specific business operations can be successfully dealt with PrideTelco for the Telecom Industry and Benefit demands can be enrolled consequently. This arrangement incorporates a wide extend of highlights counting CRM, HR and Financial Management and here, PrideTelco ERP software solution can be the finest choice for the telecom segment because it can offer special features for service management. All business operations in the Telecom industry can be successfully handled wisely through PrideTelco. In order to take all the challenges in control significantly and organize all functionalities, PrideTelco promotes employees to work confidently while reducing errors and lets them reach the project deadlines so that task is done in a disciplined manner. PrideTelco can be the most excellent choice for the Telecommunication Industry.

  • 5,000+ user’s using our PrideTelco.
  • PrideTelco has successfully implemented in Govt. telecom sector in Bangladesh.
  • Vastly experienced in Government Sector.
  • 300+ Professional work activity is maintained through PrideTelco.
  • 40,000+ Core Tk (Avg.) financial transactions using PrideTelco.
  • Risk-free procurement method.
  • Project-wise purchase.
  • Improve Relation with Dealer & Retailer.
  • We operate 110+ Customer Care.
  • 3,50,000+ Materials in material library.
  • Store valuation more then 23,00,000+ Core Tk.
  • In Bangladesh 64 district is using our solution from a single server.
  • 300+ pricing policy.
  • Monthly 3,00,000+ transactions.
  • Yearly 200+ Core Tk commission disbursement.

Key Benefit

Group of company support.

Digital employee profile with detail image, signature & etc.

Dynamic multi-layer appraisal system controlling.

360 Degree visibility-recruitment to retirement.

Multilayer chart of accounts supported with cost center.

Fully integrated, secured & scalable system.

EFTN supported.

Historic data and price comparison of items procured.

QCBS and CBS selection method for tender.

Real time access to the inventory system.

Auto voucher from transaction posting.

Integrated with account.

Barcode enable gate pass or challan management.

Layer based approval system.

AIT, VAT, SD, commission supported.

Multi-level approval system.

Multi-language support.

Configurable & customizable.

Multi-currency support.

RFID based inventory control.

Time & action plan for every department.

SMS & E-mail alert system.

User based workflow management.

Customer care management.

Automatic SIM generation.

Dynamic commission disbursement process..

360 Degree goods distribution.

Sales person tracking system.

Final level stock & sales monitoring.

Market wise goods demand generation.

Business Intelligence (BI).

Mobile app integration.

Multi-level audit log.

Decision support system.

User wise dashboard.

N-Tire architecture.

Product wise Module List PrideTELCO

  • SIM Production
  • Dealer Management
  • Sales Distribution
  • Commission Management
  • Security & Access Control

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Our customers are our first priority. We are open to serve them 24/7. We have an experienced customer service team of more than 100 enthusiastic members who have been serving the consumers very dedicatedly.

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We are a pen-global company with more than 15 products with our experienced and devoted customer service team who have been serving the consumers very dedicatedly any time they need to support our customers across the world.

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Pridesys ERP helps you create a positive customer experience at every touchpoint, throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Since 2013, Pridesys has been a pioneer in the arena of developing Enterprise Business Solution for more than 70 world-famous Industries giants across the world.

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Our company's motive is to build a long-term relationship with our customers and for this, we believe honesty is the key to our aim. We have an efficient number of local and international clients for whom we are working for over 7 years now. Also, we have achieved honor as a form of awards for our successful contribution in the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 simultaneously. It has only been possible because of the honesty and hard work of our company.


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