Reason To Choose Oracle APEX (Application Express)

Mar 28, 2022

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Oracle APEX (Application Express) is a mobile application development framework included with the Oracle database at no expense and is completely upheld by Oracle Corporation. Oracle APEX works on the development and deployment of data-driven applications, empowering developers to make applications rapidly and without any problem. Numerous Syntax clients have astutely utilized Oracle APEX to construct applications, enterprise reports, graphical reports, from there, the sky is the limit. With little foundation or involvement with programming, one can assemble strong and proficient-looking web and mobile applications that are powerful, adaptable, and secure.


Oracle Apex allows Business users and application developers can build scalable, secure enterprise applications with low end coding.



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Why should you choose Oracle Application Express (APEX)?


1) Easy to get started

There are no mind-boggling projects to install on your computer to get everything rolling with Oracle APEX. Each of the necessities is a web browser. Everything application development can happen in a web browser; no extra tools are required.


2) Low-code platform

Practically all normal and must-have highlights for application development have been incorporated into Oracle Application Express (APEX). With its easy-to-use interface where you can “drag and drop” powerful low-code components like Charts, Interactive Grid, and Faceted Search; one can construct astonishing applications without composing any code. Since there is less code to compose the opportunity of mistake is decreased and efficiency is expanded.


3) Tight integration with Oracle Database

Oracle APEX motor runs inside Oracle Database along these lines allowing Oracle APEX to be robust, scalable, and secure. It is pretty much as scalable as the Oracle Database itself. High accessibility highlights like failover and overt repetitiveness are empowered by the Oracle Database’s usefulness. Also, Oracle APEX can take advantage of underlying Oracle Database security highlights like Database Vault and other Advanced security choices.


4) Portable

Developers can build and deploy Oracle APEX applications anyplace the Oracle Database runs remembering for premises, in a private cloud-like the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, or a public cloud-like OCI. Oracle APEX makes it easy to relocate applications between environments facilitated on-premises or facilitated with cloud providers.


5) Cost of ownership

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is packaged with your Oracle Database server license. In the event that you own an Oracle Database server license, Oracle APEX doesn’t cost anything. Additionally, Oracle APEX-based applications don’t need a middle tier or application server like Oracle WebLogic Server which as a rule adds to the licensing and infrastructure cost.



Oracle APEX on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Reason to Choose Oracle APEX


Oracle has as of late sent off Oracle APEX Application Development in Oracle Cloud. This gives an application development stage that joins Oracle APEX low-code development with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Autonomous Database. With this send-off, Oracle has made low-code development with Oracle APEX available to beginner and professional developers the same at a reasonable cost.




With its simple browser-based development platform and many underlying components for building rich structures and reports, applications can be created and deployed rapidly. Nothing beats Oracle Application Express with regards to the speed of development. Fortunately, quickly doesn’t constantly mean low quality. In any event, utilizing the essential wizard, one can rapidly build an application that has great security, looks lovely on both mobile and desktop browsers, and has great elements. Finally, developers can use their SQL and PL/SQL abilities to foster applications utilizing APEX, dissimilar to average web and mobile development tools that require a novel arrangement of abilities that isn’t generally easy to find.

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