Top 10 Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh

Aug 09, 2022

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Might you at any point envision which property is the costliest on the planet in the physical and digital sense? The greater part will say it is the Burj Khalifa or different high rises. The expense of Burj Khalifa is 1.5 billion USD. The income of Burj Khalifa is 1.5 to 5 billion USD each year. Presently the turn of digital property. is the most extravagant site on the planet. The income of Amazon is 107 billion USD each year. Did you see the distinction between innovation and income? Digital property is in front of physical property. To make this sort of digital property you want serious areas of strength for an of developers. Bangladesh has more than 800+ IT organizations. There are many organizations now equipped for making this sort of digital property. Top 10 Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh.


The opposition in the software market is expanding step by step. Each organization has some expertise in at least one classes. Some in banking, some in blockchain, some in wellbeing, and some in cordiality. There are less organizations that have various abilities. So now Lets Talk about Top 10 Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh.


1. Pridesys IT Limited


Pridesys-IT-Limited - Software Companies in Bangladesh 

Pridesys IT Limited is one of the leading IT companies of Bangladesh which provides Secure, Scalable, On-Demand Application System and Data Access Solutions with the slogan of “Innovate, Integrate and Differentiate” to help its clients worldwide to improve their business performance. It is also an IT Enabled Service (ITES) provider in the domain of Call Center as well as e-Commerce Portal. We’re committed to doing all we can to serve our corporate and public sector clients of all sizes, from collaborating in strategic planning to supporting implementation and management of technology solutions. We bring to every collaboration deep industry expertise and professional integrity based on our longstanding core business values.


  • Employee: 125+
  • Experience: 10+
  • Ready Software: 1+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Fintech, Healthcare, Telco, Automotive, Software, Public Sector, Service and Manufacturing, Education, Mobile Applications, Tax and Accounting.


2. Brain Station 23


Brain Station 23 Ltd - - Software Companies in Bangladesh


BrainStation-23 has ascended to one of the main ten software development associations in Bangladesh with the quickest achievement and imagination. They are giving Software and IT answers for over 25+ nations with dynamic accomplices in Germany, the USA, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. Grameenphone, Citibank, British American Tobacco, Robi, and a large number of Bangladesh’s big shots are their clients.


  • Employee: 600+
  • Experience: 16+
  • Ready Software: 1+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Fintech, Healthcare, Telco, Automotive, Software


3. Datasoft


Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd - - Software Companies in Bangladesh


The first software development organization for CMMI Level 5 in Bangladesh is Datasoft. Datasoft upheld its purchasers with cutting-edge, reasonable, specialized administrations in both the business and public areas. This droves enormously to the digitalization of Bangladesh in the plan and development of adventures. Their capacity to make completely practical, sans bug software as indicated by the client’s necessities and their obligation to the client put them on this rundown.


  • Employee: 400+
  • Experience: 24+ Years
  • Ready Software: 20+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Banking & Finance, Port & Logistics, Government a Defense, SME & Development, Automobile, Telecommunication


4. TigerIT


- Software Companies in Bangladesh


Tiger IT plays had a significant impact in the country’s IT industry for 10 long years. We have broad involvement in different applications and games along with only a couple of government projects. They are one of the nation’s driving organizations to present the Biometrics Program and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It is one of the world’s couple of firms to create the AFIS guaranteed NIST and the main in South Asia.


  • Employee: 300+
  • Experience: 18+ Years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Biometrics, Civil Registry Solution, Vehicle Solution


5. LeadSoft


LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd. - - Software Companies in Bangladesh


LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd. was established in 1999. Over a significant stretch of time, they stretch out their business to a few branches. They offer altered software development, proficient rethinking, software item, seaward software development, etc. As well as, they offer different types of assistance. Additionally, they have 100 clients in Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark, and Norway

  • Employee: 300+
  • Experience: 22+ Years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Core Banking Solutions, Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, ERP


6. REVE Systems


REVE Systems - Software Companies in Bangladesh


REVE Systems began its excursion in 2003. They want to lay down a good foundation for themself in the development of utilizations and gadgets IT-based correspondence industry. They associated the clients in the north of 78 nations and in excess of 4500 VoIP and telecom specialist co-ops. Additionally, they offer versatile VoIP arrangements, portable OTT arrangements, VoIP Soft switch and Billing Solutions, Bandwidth Optimization, etc.


  • Employee: 350+
  • Experience: 15+
  • Ready Software: 10+
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Mobile OTT Solution, SMS Platform, and Cloud Telephony


7. Southtech Group


Southtech Group - - Software Companies in Bangladesh


Southtech Group was laid out in 1996, and presently they have six workplaces in north of five nations all over the planet. Throughout the course of recent years, their business development has developed at a huge rate. They primarily offer custom assistance relying upon the client’s necessities. Additionally, they have financial frameworks, Projects the executives, Process designing, HR arrangements, Accounting, Microfinance arrangements, ERP arrangements, and Government undertakings, and that’s just the beginning.


  • Employee: 145+
  • Experience: 25+
  • Ready Software: 5
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Finance, E-commerce, HR


8. Spectrum


Spectrum-Engineering-Consortium-Ltd.-(SECL) - Software Companies in Bangladesh


Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd is one of the biggest IT and old organizations in Bangladesh. They have served more than 800+ clients locally and all around the world starting around 1995. Spectrum has upgraded its portfolio with 200+ profoundly talented assets and long haul associations with world-driving advances with organizations like Spectrum, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Emerson, VMware, NetApp, Zenband, and so forth.


  • Employee: 220+
  • Experience: 27+ Years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Public Sector, Service and Manufacturing, Education, Telecom, Financial & Banking


9. Kaz Software


Kaz Software - - Software Companies in Bangladesh


Kaz Software was established in 2004 and is an honor-winning custom software designer. Advancements were arranged, created, and presented by organizations and new busineKaz Software


– Software Companies in Bangladesh

LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd.

sses. They give their clients quality, quicker, and more affordable assistance.


  • Employee: 110+
  • Experience: 17+ years
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Tax and accounting, Publishing, International Trade, eCommerce & Auctions, Mobile Applications, Engineering


10. Nascenia


Nascenia Limited - Software Companies in Bangladesh


Nascenia Limited began its excursion in 2010. They essentially work for European and North American clients. In addition, they have won a few class grants for their extraordinary exhibition. The Nascenia group offers different sorts of types of assistance like web development, versatile development, UI/UX plan, quality affirmation (QA), front line, cybersecurity, DevOps, and items Top 10 Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh.


  • Employee: 40+
  • Experience: 10+
  • Ready Software: N/A
  • Create Custom Software: Yes
  • Sector: Web Development, App Development, Cyber Security


Finishing Up

As we have already discuss about Top 10 Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh, now lets know some background of it. Software development began in Bangladesh during the ’90s. As per BASIS, there are currently over 500+ enlisted IT organizations in Bangladesh and 800+ enrolled software and ITES organizations. The worth of the business is multiple billion US dollars. Thus, this industry will be exceptionally competitive. Assuming you really want any assistance with software development, Bangladeshi organizations can be your best option. To wrap things up, in the event that you want to foster any venture with an exceptionally talented master group then these organizations can be your best accomplice since their past experience and the manner in which they embrace stylish innovation conveys their certainty.

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