Dhaka WASA: Human Resource Management System

The Dhaka WASA (Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority) is currently taking many initiatives to digitalize different services to make it more efficient available, relevant and persistent. Dhaka WASA intends to bring procurement and inventory department under ICT automation coverage and ensure information availability for decision makers through integrated dashboard mechanism. This dynamic dashboard will be accumulated information from different types of data source. In this regard, procurement-1 of Dhaka WASA is trying to overcome all the barriers and spread the e-services throughout the under-coverage area. Already there is mentionable progress in ICT. However, the current rank and status in comparison with other government organization and the rapid development of ICT, the involvement of ICT in DWASA activities should be expanded in order to ensure reliability & transparency into its service.


Human Resource Management System for Dhaka WASA




Currently, HQ of Dhaka WASA is required to display information from internal and external data source and providing service for management decision support. The high authority is frequently asking for different types of statistical information from said source. But it takes time for information collection due to huge paper work, channel wise communication, data source connectivity and management approval which makes delay for proper decision and current situation analysis. This system will be connected through secured API or direct DB connectivity for data acquisition as well as accumulation from existing running solutions that will build dynamic dashboard from rendering employee service as well as personal information management, loan approval process, GPF calculation, pension management etc.


As a result, the time, money and visit (TCV) are the waste, which means that the transparency and accountability of service providers or employees is well-known. Therefore, it is required to stream line up the source of information as well as display into dynamic dashboard. Hence, among other ICT initiatives of Dhaka WASA, Human Resource Management System is a unique step for one stop information service & MIS based monitoring tool for employee information analysis as well as more focus on placement of right people in right time for better service to Dhaka WASA and increase consumer’s service.


Hence, Pridesys IT Limited is willing to work with DWASA to achieve their goals as strategic technical partner, thereby strengthening the foundation for long-term partnership with DWASA. Pridesys IT Limited is an ERP based organization and have experienced in providing this solution into one of Bangladesh Government’s large organization




The need for a human resource management system for DWASA that will combine automation of PIMS, bi-directional integration with recruitment and leave management, loan and pension management, employee service management and training management of Dhaka WASA. Payroll process will be in-built facility of this system. Currently, departments are using some of existing system which had been developed using different technology. The aim of DWASA is to integrate those existing application with new system for overcome some technological barrier. The to be developed and integration with existing one will be act as central decision support system of DWASA. This system integrates data, establish connection between different types of data source for data fetching, causal factors diagnosis and restoration decision making to assist decision makers during and future forecasting in favor of DWASA.

The system will have four functional components like PIMS, automation of employee’s service, existing data source management, integration between new and existing solutions, real time data availability into central system at the time of data entry into existing systems. This effective system for policy makers, planners, administrators, departmental head and other users to review current status and monitor and evaluate the performance and progress of employee activities and to undertake necessary actions to accelerate them. It will also help to undertake necessary actions to minimize activity gaps and avoid overlaps and analysis of an employee’s service history. Information will be presented visually by graphs, tables, maps and short narratives to support quick decision making by the upper management of Dhaka WASA.




  • Recruitment management system
  • Personnel information management system (PIMS)
  • Loan approval management system and data sharing with PIMS and Payroll
  • GPF application system
  • Employee’s required service approval system and integrate with PIMS
    • Transfer, Promotion, Selection grade, NOC, scholarship, house allocation
  • Disciplinary action management system
  • Pension information management system
  • User based dynamic dashboard preparation
  • Integration, interoperability and data sharing with Training information management system
  • Integration, interoperability and data sharing with leave management system
  • Various report generation as per requirement of DWASA
  • BI tools for customize report generation as per requirement of DWASA
  • Secure API development for data exchange from existing running applications
  • Action and role-based user management and maintain audit log
  • Information/report display in visual form (GIS, graph, chart, map, table) where applicable
  • Large number of user simultaneous access capability
  • Data Migration
    • Data migration from old systems to newly developed system