More Visualization on Financial Control

More Visualization on Financial Control

Integrated and Error Less Data

Integrated and Error Less Data

Save Extra Money Each Year

Save Extra Money Each Year

Faster Access to Latest Information

Faster Access to Latest Information

The Benefits Of Our Software's

Reduce administrative and operations costs.

Bring transparency to manufacturing processes.

Increases efficiency and productivity.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Production cycles and manage operations more efficiently.

3 Layer ultra-visualization Dashboard Management.

If you are a supplier of commodity, intermediate and tertiary products, then Pridesys has the flexibility to help you with chemical industries’ challenges and capitalize from your opportunities. This industry follows the trend of low margins, high-level unit sales and high cost, so you need tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations to ensure maximum profit.

Pridesys enterprise software solution tools help you to achieve manufacturing efficiency and flexibility, this will also ensure improved customer service and managerial control over the business.

To minimize these loss Pridesys ERP is offering you the best-automated system solutions for your company. Which will help you to maintain proper information and customer relation.

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Collaborate with Us.

  • Your company will save time & money then manual working process.

  • Establish standard operating procedure in your organization.

  • Effective business process automation.

  • Increase working efficiency in your organization.

  • Improve your organizations accounting and financial reporting.

  • Establish your data security and law compliance.

  • Flexibility and mobility.

  • Access to latest information from anywhere in the world.

  • Real time operation monitoring.

  • To improve productivity in your organization.

  • 360 Degree ERP Solution

  • Cloud Based Application

  • Integrated ERP Solution

  • Versatile Solutions For All Type Of Industries

  • Dynamic Dashboard With Better User Experience

  • Mobile Application Supported In Both loS & Andriod

  • Token Based 24/7 Dedicated Support Team

  • 60+ RnD Professionals Always Working On Latest Technology

  • Project Delivery Within Implementation Period

  • Standalon Applicaion Installation Procedure

  • Mahmud Group

  • Shangu Group

  • Ananta Group

  • Al-Muslim Group

  • Madagascar Garments

  • Teletalk

  • Dysin Chem Limited

  • Vision Group

  • SAMS Attire Limited.

  • Masafi Group

  • Merit Award in Industrial- Manufacturing & Supply Chain Category for PrideCut-2019

  • Mir Monuwar Iqbal, CEO Of Pridesys IT Received Entrepreneur Award-2019

  • Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd Signed with Pridesys For Database Management System (DMS) Software SLA

  • BASIS ICT National Award Champion in Industrial Manufacturing for PrideCut-2019

  • World Summit Awards 2018 Runner's Up Pridesys It Ltd. In Business and Commerce

  • SAMS Attire Ltd ERP Agreement with Pridesys IT Ltd

  • BASIS ICT Awards 2018 Champion In 3 Categories

  • Pridesys IT, Miracle Advance Technologies & J F Advance Med Work Together for Software Development

  • BASIS ICT Awards 2017 Champion in Industrial Application

  • Pridesys Bl Inauguration- Another Success for Pridesys IT Ltd

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