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PrideVAT is full-fledged VAT management software for any kind of business vertical. It’s can be adaptable to any kind of business like manufacturing, service business, trading, import & export. The PrideVAT software is fully compliant rules of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) of the Government of Bangladesh. According to VAT law Bangladesh National Board of Revenue (NBR) all reports are generated automatically from the PrideVAT management solution. PrideVAT solution is able to integrate any third-party application and is very familiar with Pridesys ERP.

  • Generates Mushak based on NBR requirements.
  • Virtual dedicated server (VDS) issue & receiving.
  • Summary of raw materials & finished goods.
  • Information on debit note & credit note.
  • Return submission.
  • Other Adjustment entries.
  • Generates auto Mushak-6.3
  • Generates credit notes.
  • Sales report (standard rate, reduced rate, fixed-rate)
  • Sales refund or sales exchange report
  • Local & imported purchase management
  • Easily maintain inventory from head office to branch transfers
  • Inter-branch transfer under single Business Identification Number
  • Auto-generate Mushak as per material transactions
  • Bill of Material Setup and Co-efficient Declaration
  • Production order creation with available raw materials
  • Sets all the core functionalities of the system
  • Allows users to set up static data, product, supplier, customer information and product transactions
  • Updated Harmonized System (HS) Codes mapping auto calculate VAT, SD and other duties
  • Customer Profile Setup with User Management
  • Security policies
  • Allows different users to be created, updated, and modified
  • User access controls
  • Set role wise screen permission
  • Finished Goods Sales – VAT 6.2
  • Purchase Return or Debit Note generate -Mushak-6.8
  • Goods Transfer Invoice – Mushak-6.5
  • Real-time update information on all transaction

Key Benefit

Capable to handle multiple business organization in one PrideVAT solution.

Group/category & HS code wise item creation.

Yearly VAT & SD price percentage declaration.

Cost analysis.

Capable to create the monthly VAT return – Mushak 9.1.

Multiple level approval layer.

Stock movement analysis.

Re-order Level.

Store Ledger.

Supports multiple levels in chart of Accounts.

Multiple group structure in inventory System.

Bill of material (BOM) setup and co-efficient declaration.

Finished Stock and Sales Register.

Issue subcontract.

Item wise stock report.

Stock wise item location transfer.

Vendor profile setup.

Customer profile setup

Creation of locations, batch & measurement Units.

It can generate various MIS reports.

Reconciliation Report.

Group of Company Support.

Digital employee profile with detail image, signature & etc.

Fully integrated, secured & Scalable System.

Historic data and price comparison of items procured.

Real time access to the Inventory System.

Integrated with account.

Multi-level approval system.

Configurable & Customizable.

Multi-Currency Support.

SMS & E-mail alert system.

Mobile app integration.

Multi-level audit log.

User wise dashboard.

PrideVAT management system’s web-based solution & easy to access any area in the world.

Data Security Management.

Role based user and authentication.

User friendly & unlimited user.

Secured Data Backup and Restore Facility.

Capable to integrate with any kind of third party software and very familiarly with Pridesys ERP.

Cover compliance requirements of NBR (National Board of Revenue).

VAT & SD Act-2012: Mushak

Product wise Module List PrideVAT

  • VAT Submission
  • Security & Access Control

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