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PrideCut is an Al-Based Fabric Planning Solution. PrideCut received Champion Award from BASIS ICT National Award in 2019 in the Industrial Application category. Following this PrideCut also received the prestigious Merit Award from APICTA 2019 in Industrial Application Category. PrideCut was developed with a vision to save fabric and increase profit margin. PrideCut coordinates between fabric store & cutting production. PrideCut is implemented in local & foreign countries. PrideCut reduces fabric wastage and utilizes remnant fabric efficiently. PrideCut is developed considering all the complex methods used in a fabric store, cutting production & CAD.

  • AI-Generated Marker Plan.
  • Generates Combination in a Single Click.
  • RFID wise Fabric Roll Management.
  • Gives Best Marker Plan from Millions of Combinations.
  • Globally 5000+ users using PrideCut.
  • Saves 20000+ USD (Avg.) monthly fabric purchase.
  • 80% Quicker Cutting & Fabric Planning.
  • Save Fabric 3%-4%.
  • Maximum Cost Reduce.
  • Tab/Mobile Based Application.
  • Boost Industry Revenue.
  • Fabric Wastage Reduce.
  • Integrated with ERP.
  • Improve Fabric Procurement.
  • RFID enabled fabric roll tracing.
  • Better supplier selecting decision.
  • Fabric rolls wise information.
  • Ensures on-time delivery.
  • High-efficiency cutting production.
  • Automate your cutting table.
  • Digitalize of Store & Production.
  • Dashboard for all users as well as management.

Key Benefit

Improve efficiency of production.

Saves fabric and reduces cost.

Reduces Fabric Consumption.

Roll wise Fabric Utilization.

Remnant Fabric Proper Utilization.

Marker wise Best Fabric Roll Auto Suggestion.

Save up to 3-4% fabric.

Mobile application.

80-90% quicker planning.

Reduce factory overtime.

Better productivity.

Efficient Marker suggestion

Mobile application Fabric QC

Mobile application for cutting table.

Real time production updates.

Auto delivery target meet graphs.

Product wise Module List PrideCut

  • Cutting Plan
  • Fabric Grouping
  • CAD Controlling
  • Fabric Spreading
  • Order Closing
  • Security & Access Control

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