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PrideStudio is the most reliable software that suits every organization to grow any business and fulfill every requirement of customers. We present strategic business KPIs that are normally implemented with visualization dashboards. The strategic nature of PrideStudio makes the style of the dashboard noticeably different from operational dashboards. Our best data visualization tool provides intelligent and simple BI data visualization solutions for every organization. PrideStudio comes with a user-friendly interface and provides various tools to recover data from multiple data sources. Make your own dashboard with PrideStudio to get specialized features with a rich set of features and comprehensive tools in an allotted budget.

  • Globally 20,000+ users using our PrideStudio.
  • PrideStudio is successfully implemented in more than 100+ Industries.
  • Vastly experienced in the Private & Government Sector.
  • 10,000+ Professional work activity is maintained through PrideStudio.
  • Paperless environment to serve the Real-Time Information for Management.
  • To automate all the activity of various departments through the automated workflow process.
  • To improve utilization of technology and information systems in all departments.
  • To speed up the workflow in a different department for better transparency, reliability, and timely execution of the Operation process.
  • To generate real-time graphical and statistical reports of all activities.
  • To generate highly analytical MIS for top management and other related staff for monitoring and quick decision making.
  • To introduce transparency & accountability of work in different departments.
  • To real-time tracking of different department jobs, files, letters, assets, and logs.
  • Electronic security and control of confidential data.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Reduce workload and making easy of working environments.
  • Highly quality product with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Easy to use and reliable with proper encryption and security measures.
  • Access Based Information Showing Facilities.
  • To achieve efficiency using web-based applications and mobile applications.
  • The best price we offered in the market with excellent quality work.
  • Well-trained and Dedicated team
  • Provides round the clock continuous service without any kind of interruption
  • In Bangladesh 64 district is using our solution from a single server.

Key Benefit

Robust Customization

Greater Security System Reliability Resulting in reduced risk and liability

Excel Report Download

Real-Time track & allocation of each Departmental Work.

PrideStudio easily gets synchronized all types of basic Requirements.

PrideStudio have a well-organized Dashboard management system.

Dynamic Report Generate Facility.

Fully integrated, secured & Scalable System.

All Module are Integrated with Dashboard.

Configurable & Customizable.

SMS & E-mail Notification system.

User wise dashboard.

N-Tire architecture.

Product wise Module List PrideStudio

  • User Dashboard
  • Management Dashboard
  • Security & Access Control

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