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PridePOS (Point of Sale) is an efficient cloud-based front-end software that simplifies and streamlines your in-store customer-facing operations. PridePOS is developing with a vision to sales monitoring and reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management and robust integration by increasing their profit margin. It also includes sales functions such as ringing up transactions, adding or adjusting the number of items in a transaction (by barcode) and application of discounts. By scanning a manufacturer’s barcode, PridePOS will automatically retrieve the product photo, title, and description from its database. This feature keeps a close eye on stock, sales and shares by giving real-time updates. Other than that, PridePos provides analytical reports including sales summary reports, income statement analysis, and side-by-side comparisons of best and worst selling products. The easy-to-use user interface and innovative modular elements will help organize the workflow and increase operational efficiency to make your business more profitable.

  • Barcode generated POS system
  • Barcode scanned inventory management
  • Batch based inventory management
  • Easy billing and order processing
  • Easy sales monitoring and reporting
  • Essential customer management
  • 80% quicker sales time
  • Suggest fast-selling products
  • Tab/Mobile based application
  • Boost industry revenue
  • Integrated with ERP
  • Improve item procurement
  • Better supplier selecting decision
  • Automate your cutting table
  • Digitalization of store

Key Benefit

Multiple payment methods/split payments

Returns, refunds and store credit features

User accounts and permissions

Bulk product imports


Stock and auto-filled orders

Inventory counts

Stock Transfers


Searchable customer database

Customer history is attached to each profile

Product reports

Employee reporting

Customer reports

Product wise Module List PridePOS

  • Sales
  • Point of Sales
  • In-Store Mobility
  • Item Management and Replenisment
  • Customer, Price and Offer Management
  • Centralized Control
  • Easy Setup
  • Security & Access Control

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