Pridesys IT is one of Bangladesh's most established and trusted HR management software providers, streamlining your HR functions with user-friendly human resources tools and payroll solutions. Pridesys IT Ltd.'s HR management solution, 'PrideHR', provides everything you need to make a human resource management system simpler and more effective, considering the size of your organisation. It assists HR to track approvals and organize workflow. PrideHR can also monitor and measure employee satisfaction levels based on a variety of metrics that software-based HR systems can calculate and report on. PrideHR provides human capital management solutions designed to improve the employee experience by putting people first—HR management, payroll systems, talent, time, and scheduling, engagement surveys, HR service delivery, and helping to improve work experiences for all employees. PrideHR allows you to centralize all your information and successfully manage your employees, recruitment, evaluations, vacations, and attendances from the same place. It also recruits top talent, creates weekly and monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking, and oversees all important information for each department at a glance. Also, you’ll get benefits from the latest cloud technologies and a host of smart features that will give you a positive review of your organization. The software can be customized as per clients’ needs and offers an end-to-end integration of HR functions with payroll and Service Modules to manage employee profiles, benefits, leave, loans, salaries, and so on. Employee self-service portal enables employees to input attendance, requests for leave, task updates, and all other necessary aspects to keep employees highly collaborative in the company. Our HR software collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great results. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, PrideHR gives you the insights to focus on your most important asset—your people.

  • Globally, 20,000+ users are using our PrideHR.
  • PrideHR has been successfully implemented in more than 200+ industries.
  • Vastly experienced in the Private & Government sectors.
  • 3,00,000+ Employee’s salary generates from PrideHR.
  • 3,00,000+ Professional’s work activity is maintained through PrideHR.
  • 250+ Core Tk transactions through this solution as Salary/Month.
  • In Bangladesh, 64 districts are using our solution from a single server.

Key Benefit

Group of Company Support.

Digital employee profile with detail image, signature & etc.

Dynamic Multi-Layer Appraisal System Controlling

360 Degree Visibility-Recruitment to Retirement.

Fully integrated, secured & Scalable System.

EFTN Supported.

Integrated with account.

Layer based approval system.

AIT Supported.

Multi-level approval system.

Multi-language support.

Configurable & Customizable.

Multi-Currency Support.

Time & Action Plan for every department.

SMS & E-mail alert system.

User based workflow management.

Business Intelligence (BI).

Mobile app integration.

Multi-level audit log.

Decision support system.

User wise dashboard.

N-Tire architecture

Product wise Module List PrideHR

  • Human Capital Management
  • Security & Access Control

Recognition & Achievements

Modules & Features

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