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PrideVision is a Super Technology Product of PrideSys. It watches over people who are working in labor-intensive industries, Hospitals, Fire Station & any organization which recognizes faces, tracks specific persons, monitors vehicles, tracks inventory materials, and ensures overall premises security through live CCTV video streams and analyze them with AI & Machine Learning which gives real-time notification & report to easier corporate life.

  • One of the main objectives of PrideVision is to transform our Manufacturing Industry into Industry 4.0 revolution. If each employee could be identified within the premise, their work hours could be accurately monitored, the overall work environment will be more secure, and valuable time will be saved.
  • Students, Teachers, Staff, and all affiliates of the institution can be automatically checked in when they enter or exit the premises, making it easier to count attendance, enhancing the safety of everyone.
  • Safety and security in finance have been always a major concern over the years. Manual observations and surveillance over the CC cameras in those institutions is a costly and time-consuming task. Pride Vision can identify possible threats, abnormal activities which can help the authority to take immediate security measures.
  • With PrideVision the industry can identify a customer with face recognition and determine their preferences, predict the likelihood of criminal behavior based on the previous records, provide a more personalized and faster service, and improve the security of their payments through face authorization.

Key Benefit

Industrial evolution & Technology migration over CCTV Streaming.

Highly Automation of Machine & Devices.

Data Security enhancement with User Face & Activity.

Minimize the Manpower of every Department.

Manual Work & Monitoring will be replaced with full automotive equipment.

Remarkable & significance Ideology developed with Business Intelligence.

Cuts a big portion of the management budget which is currently being spent at care centers to monitor their subjects.

Saves life by pushing its real-time alerts and analytics to existing systems.

Improves security by adding intelligence to it.

Product wise Module List PrideVision

  • Automatic Attendance
  • Surveillance
  • Security
  • Retail
  • Security & Access Control

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