PrideHealth is an innovative product of Pridesys. PrideHealth is helping to boost operational efficiencies while minimizing labor costs in hospitals & any other health organizations. It’s also imperative for the healthcare industry to streamline its internal information flow and communications to provide correct care. For all these reasons, PrideHealth has come into play. PrideHealth is well known & fully integrated PrideHealth solution in the healthcare industry for its scalability, security, and on-demand customization facility. PrideHealth can operate regular hospital activities like IPD, OPD, billing, test, bed management, account sector, HR management, etc. accurately and efficiently. Also, it helps to generate the daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly reports of sales, revenue, patients, lab test, bed management, etc. as your requirement easily. PrideHealth helps you to be with trends, and it also gives you the chance to run your business administration digitally and very efficiently.

  • Hundreds of automation features.
  • Unlimited types of user accounts.
  • Trouble-free appointment booking system.
  • Unlimited types of accommodation categories.
  • Tracking of medicines.
  • Dashboard to get a gist at a glance.
  • Records of blood donors.
  • Records of discharges, full history.
  • Records of diagnostics and reports.
  • Records of patient meals, full history.
  • Dynamic employee schedule and payroll management.
  • User-friendly accounting.
  • Reviews and feedback from patients and other staff.
  • Patient Management.
  • Online based appointment booking system.
  • Online based patient’s history.
  • Keep track of patient’s payments.
  • See all diagnostics.
  • Manage operation reports.
  • All doctor’s lists with a full profiles.
  • Categorize doctors according to departments.
  • Record of Transports.
  • Record of transport services, full history.
  • Manage blood bank.
  • Keep records of blood donors.
  • Allotment of beds and cabins.
  • Payslip generation for hospital staff.
  • Resource Scheduling.
  • Record of shifts and Individual duties.
  • Take care of tiresome paperwork.
  • Can add receptionists to take appointments.
  • Can add pharmacists to take care of medicines.
  • Add nurses to look after patients’ information.
  • Automated generation of diagnostic reports.
  • Automated generation of prescriptions.
  • Trouble-free billing system.
  • Pharmacy Management.
  • Full-fledged Inventory for the Pharmacy.
  • POS with adding to cart, editing amount, and removing from the cart.
  • Automated sales in pharmacy module.
  • Option to return sold items.
  • Calculation on the sales returns automatically.
  • Time-saving Technology.
  • Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors
  • Reduces scope for Error.
  • Data security and correct data retrieval made possible.
  • Cost-effective and easily manageable.
  • Easy access to patient data with correct patient history.
  • Improved patient care made possible.
  • Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory.
  • Reduces the work of documentation.
  • Better Audit controls and policy compliance.

Key Benefit

Standalone or multi-branch of hospitals.

Add Admin users and assign hospital for manage.

Staff records and login account management.

Provides dynamic dashboard facility.

Doctor management.

Manage patient's records.

Provides a prescription checking previous case study.

Simplified track of the patient checkup history, prescription, diagnosis and treatment.

Add medicine and medicine category

Generate the patient bill and print it.

Manage different types of rooms and rooms categories.

Manage patient’s diagnosis report.

Bed allocation management.

User profile management.

Provides insurance & billing system.

Automated Notification system.

Birth & Death report management.

Blood inventory management.

Check availability of blood witching registered hospitals.

Product wise Module List PrideHealth

  • Doctor Management
  • Patient Management
  • Department Management
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Insurance System Management
  • Billing System Management
  • Case Management
  • Bed & Ward Management
  • Hospital Activities Management
  • OPD & IPD Center
  • Pharmacy & Medicine Management
  • Laboratory System Management
  • Noticeboard & Reports
  • Security & Access Control

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