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PrideTex is a specialized Product of Pridesys IT Ltd. It is a super dynamic & fully automated product. PrideTex is developed based on Garments Organization & Industrial Manufactured Company. It will cover all departments & all kinds of works in a Garment's Organization. It's a secure, scalable, and on-demand application system. PrideTex is a combination of multiple modules such as Quotation & Pre-Costing Management, Sample Management, Merchandising Management, Garments Commercial Management, Inventory management, Production Management, Garments Washing management, Industrial Engineering (IE), Dashboard Management. From order receive to ex-factory all solution is covered in this product. It's a furnished product from 2015. Since then, it has had many success stories. Multiple national and international awards were received. Champion of Basis National Award 2017 in Industrial Application Category as well as Runners Up of World Summit Award 2018 in Business & Commerce Category.

  • Around 200+ factories are using PrideTex solution.
  • Globally more than 20000+ users use PrideTex.
  • Yearly 1+ Billion Dollars exported by using PrideTex Solution.
  • More than 1+ Billion Production Capacity Allocation, Planning & Execution automated in PrideTex.
  • 1200+ Stores are maintaining their Inventory by using PrideTex.
  • Group of Company Support.
  • Multi-Level Approval facility.
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Supported.
  • All Types of Buyers order Tracking Can be handled through PrideTex.
  • All Types of Suppliers can easily monitor by PrideTex.
  • From the order negotiation stage to Shipment every single Process can be maintained through PrideTex.
  • Every Department will efficient & can save time by regular use of PrideTex.
  • All Types of Approval are digitalized & signatures are auto-generated on the report.
  • Manage & integrate all aspects of the business key functions.
  • Provide the right information to the right people at the right time with notification.
  • The way of access information easily maintains proper confidentiality.
  • Proper Production Monitoring & Shipment on time ensured by PrideTex.
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicate work or downtime.

Key Benefit

All types of buyer quotation can be handled through PrideTex.

Style development to shipment full process integrated & automated.

ERP generated material work order to supplier.

CS based material purchase facility.

360-degree material follow up dashboard with notification.

Every process of production is fully automated with barcode & RFID enabled.

Unlimited approval layer creation facility with digital signature.

Pending work notification alert through mail, messenger & text.

All types of banking letters & documents of import & export is printed from PrideTex.

Roll & location based multi-dimensional inventory system.

Machine based efficiency calculation.

Machine & process wise wash production.

Order negotiation to shipment full process automation.

Chemical consumption & recipe making process.

All types of issue & delivery challan will be auto generated through PrideTex.

3 layer ultra-visualization dashboard management.

SMV based styling, costing CM & layout.

All process are integrated with accounts.

Style, PO based order closing.

Own, subcontract wise order, production, wash management.

Product wise Module List PrideTex

  • Quotation & Pre-Costing Management
  • Sample Management
  • Merchandising Management
  • Garments Commercial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Industrial Engineering (IE)
  • Garment Production Management
  • Textile Production Management
  • Garments Washing management
  • Garments Audit
  • Garments Accounts
  • Garments MIS
  • Security & Access Control

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