Cloud Computing in Bangladesh

Apr 21, 2021

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Across the globe, enterprise and public-sector organizations are moving to cloud computing for its unparalleled speed, agility, flexibility and cost efficiency. Cloud services afford extraordinary elasticity and innovation, as well as a unique and complex set of challenges. To maximize all that cloud computing has to offer, your organization needs a clear, compelling vision; effective processes, skills and organizational structures; and an airtight security road map that will ensure a smooth transition.Pridesys IT Ltd. helps you secure, deliver, manage and govern your cloud environment and speed up deployment with independent, objective IT research and advisory services that support your cloud initiatives end to end.

Cloud Migration Services



If you believe it’s too difficult to move your business to the Cloud, we are ready to show you the advantages with our time and money saving solutions. Of course, moving your legacy IT infrastructure is nothing to take lightly, that’s why we are transparent about our services so you know exactly what is happening, and when it’s happening. We take all of the risk while providing you with a secure and quick move to the Cloud.

Our Cloud Migration Services help businesses identify applications that are suitable for migration, move them to the cloud and manage them securely. These include the following:

  • Cloud Assessment: Identify suitable applications for migrationand determine which cloud solutions are best for each application.
  • Cloud Architecture: Design a cloud platform that is secure, scalable, extensible, and manageable, and craft an appropriate cloud operating model to further gain agility and cost savings and fully take advantage of the cloud’s virtues.
  • Cloud Migration Factory: Define a comprehensive migration strategy that transfers applications to secure and reliable cloud platforms with a focus on optimizing speed and quality.
  • Engineered Cloud Services: Manage cloud platforms from end to end to make them more industrialized, agile and affordable.


AWS based big data processing service

aws,big data, processing

Pridesys IT ltd. has also empowered its customers with a cloud-based Big Data processing service based on AWS platform. The Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) infrastructure, will allow customers to process big data in a quick, flexible and efficient way utilizing clouds large-scale computing capacities. They will now be able to process and analyze massive volumes of data through software cloud environments such as Hadoop-as-a-Service and Spark-as-a-Service.  This service will support a wide range of tasks, including business and financial analytics, targeted marketing and advertising, the analysis and personalization of content, and the collection and processing of public data.

The system has been designed to be highly efficient and flexible with adjustable processing speed dependent on the customer’s budget. The creation, reconfiguration and removal of applications all happens with one click.

AWS based ML analytics service

4-analytics-300x133 (1)

4-analytics-300×133 (1)

Our dedicated team offer customers machine learning services, with predefined AWS ML models. They are also capable of providing on-demand personalized ML models. Work with our Cloud Consultants to brainstorm and create an innovation roadmap for your business to gauge how Machine learning can reduce costs and provide business value to your company. Practiced with big data our intelligent systems have better performance and increased accuracy compared to other large scale self-learning systems. Our services are fast, scalable and easy to use. Available as a cloud service we bring you new opportunities and speed to your business applications.

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