Erp Security Issues

Apr 19, 2021

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PRIDESYS’s ERP Software gives you peace of mind by providing the following extensive security features:

  1. Configurable security system: – Pridesys ERP security system is configurable at its every level by role or as per user, but our main focus is your requirement.
  2. Access control: – It’s a standard security system and feature includes Password Control, which works at every authorization level that has been declared by the authority. Users are only capable to get access, insert, edit or remove data which they have the permission.
  3. Data Visibility: – Pridesys ERP have a great feature of controlling data visibility. You can define your data which will be visible to whom. It’s something like an account holder system. Account holder will have the access to the limit.
  4. Data Log Centre: – Every insert, update, modification or deletion of data will have the log of when, how or by whom the action was taken. This job tracking system will ensure an audit trail of user access and processing activities.
  5. E-Signature: – Pridesys ERP is capable to use any kind of electronic signature if it is required. It enables the secure transaction and proper legal paper works.

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