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Apr 20, 2021

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Bangladesh’s Dynamic ERP Implementation Consultant

Selecting the perfect ERP solution and provider or consultant, that fits to your company according to your unique needs is one of the major task for a successful implementation. The provider or the consultant needs to have the capabilities to provide you the accurate services that your company or the implementation process requisite.

Pridesys offers you a variety of services to make your implantation successful with a dedicated team of ERP implementation consultants and experts. They’ll be available to you whenever you need them.



Our services are best described in keeping with the stages of your buying cycle.

Discovery and Selection

If you don’t know what and why you need an ERP or what will be the purpose and what that ERP will serve you and then you are going to face difficulties in selecting, implementing and operating ERP. Even if you may feel that you achieved success but the results are going to be dissatisfactory.

For this reason it is advisable for you to get expert opinion from the in-house expert or from the outset. At this stage we have experienced consultants who will meet you and will help you to find out what you need, what you have and how the changes will occur in future.

Once the business process are understood and defined, then our consultants will design an ERP model and propose a solution for your organization. And you would make able to decide if the deployment of the system will be worthwhile contribution to your organization.

ERP Implementation

If you think that the model will be helpful for you and the project is accepted, then our expert planning team brainstorms a plan for your ERP implementation. This plan includes everything from data conversion and data entry to verifying the network and hardware requirement, as well as the total timeline resources of the implementation.

The key element of a successful ERP implementation is proper training. And our training team will ensure proper training to your user, which will ensure you to utilize full power and functionality of the ERP.

After go-live, we consider the first month is in the part of implementation phase. Usually the implementation team will be fully active for your project. When the tested result is satisfactory and everything is working as planned then we declare the project is complete.

If your organization is huge and it’s tough to manage total implementation at a time, then we go for a module based plan for the implementation process. And we will assign required module expert and consider each of your module in different project.


Your system is up and running, now you may want to sit back and reap the benefits. But this is just the beginning; you will need different type of services and support for your system running efficiently.

To provide this kind of required support and services, our team is always ready. You and your user can communicate with them in any channel like phone, email, team-viewer, skype, remote, on-site or online.

On request we are also able to provide a system audit for your organization and system.

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If you are thinking to enter in the era of business automation, then it’s a request to you please contact with our ERP experts and get the information properly.

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