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WEWB – Wage Earners’ Welfare Board

May 19, 2022

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In 1990 Government created the Wage Earners’ Welfare Board (WEWB) under the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment to extend welfare services to the migrant workers as per Section 47 of Overseas Employment & Migrants Act-2013.



Wage Earners' Welfare Board (WEWB)



A Board of Directors comprising of inter-ministerial representatives headed by secretary, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment operate this board.



WEWB Call Support:

  • 08000 102030 [Toll Free]
  • 0174 333 333
  • 09610102030
  • 01794 333 333



WEWB Help line



Major services of the Wage Earners’ Welfare Board for the Wage Earners are as flows:


  • Providing pre-departure briefing with the outgoing workers.
  • Guiding the migrants during departure and arrival through the “Probasi Kallyan Help Desk” at 3(three) international airports of the country.
  • Awarding Scholarship for the meritorious children of the wage earners.
  • Providing legal assistance and other co-operation to the distressed migrant workers.
  • Probashi Kallyan Bank which is established funding by WEWB is giving loans to migrant workers without a mortgage.
  • Providing of Mulfi-purpose Smart Card as the Emigration Clearance.
  • Maintaining a Database System regarding Online Registration, Finger Print. Welfare Fee, Clearance data entry. DEMO Registration. SB Clearance and so on.
  • To bring the dead bodies of the deceased wage earners to
  • the country from abroad.
  • To hand over a cheque of 35,000 BDT (almost $USD 440) for the carrying and burial cost of each dead body of the wage earners at 3(three) airports.
  • Distributing financial assistance of 3,00.000 BDT (almost $USD 3840) in favor of the deceased family as a grant.
  • Helping to realize pending dues such as salary. compensation and insurance benefits of the deceased wage earners and distributing to their family members.
  • To provide financial assistance of 1,00.000 BDT (almost $USD 1280) to the disabled and sick wage earners.
  • Safe home for female workers in abroad
  • Residential School in abroad
  • A victim or aggrieved person can complain online for any kind of fraud, harassment or cheating


Pridesys IT Limited has two Projects for Wage Earners’ Welfare Board. One is completed and one is ongoing. The completed project is Ensure Secure Data Management Between WEWB ERP & BMET MIS.



PridesysERP Features for Wage Earners’ Welfare Board

  • Account Management
  • HRM and Payroll
  • Attendance
  • Call Center Service
  • Help Desk

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