10 Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

Apr 28, 2022

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Searching for the best web hosting for a PHP website? Provided that this is true, then, at that point, you can recognize the best one rapidly through this article. After buying any PHP script, the most urgent goal is to require a PHP hosting server to run your PHP script effectively. Thus, you ought to be more aware of choosing the best PHP web hosting platform as your business prerequisites. And we are providing Best Web Hosting for PHP Website list for you


This article can get a general evaluation of some well-known PHP hosting servers. Here, Pridesys will give a thorough analysis of some hosting servers to assist you with distinguishing the right one for your business achievement. At any rate, I would instead not burn through your time any longer. So I will make sense of the great substance in the accompanying segments.


Pridesys IT Ltd Can provide you the Idea of Best Web Hosting for PHP Websites.


1. Bluehost

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

Bluehost is one of the well-known hosting platforms for your PHP application. It can uphold PHP versions from 7.0 to 7.3. In addition, utilizing this hosting service, you can customize your PHP variant and arrange the climate using php.ini. This hosting platform has four shared designs, and as indicated by this, they provide the service. Thus, you can pick any category service simply by relying upon your prerequisites.


You can get one website hosting service and 50 GB SSD storage in the essential package. Additionally, you can get one domain, five parked domains, and 25 subdomains. Then again, the plus package cost is $5.45/month, and you can get limitless storage, domain, parked domains, and subdomains. Here, you get two additional choices Choice Plus ($5.45/month) and Pro ($13.95/month) package. Numerous extraordinary highlights will be discussed in this hosting web service. Along these lines, this hosting provider is fantastic for generally speaking exercises.


Top features

  • Provide unlimited bandwidth
  • High speed
  • SSD based storage
  • Allows Cloudflare CDN that increase site performance
  • Four different shared plans that starts at $2.95/month
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Spam experts (Build-in)
  • Has Domain privacy and protection system for Choice Plus and Pro package
  • Has Site backup system
  • It Has High-performance capability in Pro package
  • In Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus package standard performance capabilities
  • free trial system of Thirty days and more!


2. HostGator

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

Are you looking for the best uptime PHP hosting platform? Then you can try HostGator hosting service. They mainly offer three service plans, like the Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. You can get the features and facilities according to this plan. So, you can purchase anyone as your business requirements. If you want more details about their shared ideals, then you can see here.


Top features

  • It Provides technical support 24X7
  • It Has Free SSL certificate
  • PHP configuration plugin
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Cpanel access
  • Refund policies within 45 days
  • It Enhanced Data security
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Unlimited SFTP users
  • It has IPv6 support system
  • It Offers $100 Google AdWords
  • Simple Process of domain registration
  • It has Automated backup system and many more!


3. InMotion

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

InMotion is one of the best secure PHP web hosting platforms. It has a built-in PHP tool that can help to provide PHP web service smoothly. Also, this feature can ensure a secure service. This hosting platform has four different shared plans. You can get various excellent features based on which package you will purchase. To learn details about these packages, please visit here.


Top features

  • Unlimited bandwidth system
  • Have a more than 100 website support system
  • Provides 6x performance and speed in the Pro package
  • Free SSL system
  • Hack and malware protection system
  • DDoS protection system
  • Automatic backup availability
  • Provides customer management tools
  • Allows unlimited email address in Pro p[ackage
  • 24*7 customer support system
  • Provide free domain
  • Custom layout- free drag and drop builder support system
  • Have website backup, and restoration system


4. Hostinger

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

Do you want to start an individual business? Are you looking for a budget, friendly web hosting solution? If so, then you can trust on the Hostinger blindly. Their shared plan starts at $0.99/month. Also, they provide a Git integration system for deploying applications. This platform will support PHP versions between 5.2 through 7.4, and it can control the page speed by server-side caching.


You can get one website in the Single Shared Hosting package, one email support system, 100GB bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and 1X processing power and memory with the lowest cost. So, this package will be a better solution for beginners. But if you want to run a personal website, then you need the Premium Shared Hosting package. On the other hand, you can manage your small business by using the Business Shared Hosting package with the 4X processing power and memory allocation system.


Top Features

  • Three types of packages offer several features
  • Unlimited website support for Premium and Business packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Provides 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Powerful control panel support system
  • Allows DNS management system
  • Weekly backup system
  • Allows PHP configuration system
  • Remote MySQL support system
  • Hotlink protection system
  • Included with SSL and free domain
  • Provides 24/7/365 technical support
  • Allows to access webmail
  • Easy to set up and user-friendly system
  • 30 days refund policy and many more!


5. GreenGeeks

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

Do you prefer an eco-friendly web hosting platform? If so, then there is no more ambiguity to trust on the GreenGeeks hosting service. This platform can support PHP version 5.5, 7.0, and 7.1. They provide their service based on three hosting plans: Lite, Pro, and Premium. With its splendid features, you can adequately handle your PHP application.


Moreover, this hosting platform is basically designed to save as much energy as possible. The developer team of GreenGeeks tries to build something different from others, and finally, they succeed. Significantly, they invest three times in renewable energy. As a result, you can save the environment and reduce carbon emissions by using this hosting server.


Top features

  • Fully environmental responsible platform
  • Provides SSD based RAID-10 storage system
  • Ensured a speedy service
  • Scalable capabilities
  • Integrated with CDN service
  • Fully optimized system
  • Provides high performance and uptime consistency
  • Highly secure and reliable platform
  • Allows container-based technology
  • 90% uptime and 518 ms response time
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Included with free domain and website builder
  • Isolated with hosting account
  • Provides real-time security scanning
  • Auto-updating system
  • Money-back guarantee within 30days
  • Allows Cpanel and Softaculous installer
  • 24/7 customer support, and much more!


6. A2 Hosting

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

A2 hosting platform is one of the best for PHP hosting support. They have three service plans: Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Based on each service plan, they provide different features. The price starts at $3.92/month. Thus, you can select any service plan based on your needs. For instance, if you want to start a business, then the Lite package will be enough for you, but you just need the Turbo package to run huge files and content. Most importantly, they offer all a time money-back guarantee. Also, you can get some advanced features that will help to manage your system.


Top features

  • Provides hackscan protection system
  • Available on 24*7 for technical support
  • Allows MySQL, MariaDB, and phpMyAdmin databases
  • You can easily switch PHP version through Cpanel
  • Provides SSL security and SSH access
  • You can get unlimited storage
  • Allows free site migration and Cpanel access
  • Protected from DDoS attack
  • Have a searchable knowledge center
  • Accessible to the site migration system
  • Allows money-back guarantee option
  • Provides unlimited reliability
  • Affordable price and more!


7. FastComet

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

I don’t forget to list down another excellent web hosting platform called FastComet. They mainly provide three categories of services: FastCloud ($2.95/month), FastCloud Plus ($4.45/month), FastCloud Extra ($5.95/month). In these categories, you can get some versatile features that will help to manage your system efficiently. Also, they can provide five layers of caching and speed optimization plans. Before choosing this service, you should understand the details of their platform. To learn about their planning strategy, you can visit here.


Top features

  • More reasonable price
  • Included with the website transfer system
  • Provides free domain transfer system
  • Allows to access Softaculous CPanel
  • APC and OPcode cache system
  • Offers free private DNS management system
  • Included with dynamic and GlobalSign SSL system
  • Provides unlimited parked domains and subdomains
  • Effective Cloudflare CDN caching system
  • Lossless data compression capabilities
  • Provides a more secure system
  • Protected from Brute-force, Exploits, and Malware
  • Daily backup system
  • CageFS security system and many more!


8. SiteGround

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

SiteGround is one of the fastest and secure web hosting platforms. They have three service plans: StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek. The price range of this service is comparatively higher than any others. The StartUp package price is at $6.99/month, GrowBig is at $9.99/month, and GoGeek is at $14.99/month. Moreover, they allocate 10 GB, 20 GB, and 40 GB web space according to their service plans. So, this hosting service can provide some intuitive features that will be very beneficial for your business.


Top features

  • Provides unmetered data transfer
  • Allows unlimited sub and parked domains
  • Unlimited database system
  • Included with SSL, CDN, and emails system
  • Provides daily backup system
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • Unlimited website support for GrowBig and GoGeek package
  • Available 24*7 for customer support
  • Proficient and user-friendly system
  • Accessible to the site management system
  • Have a server monitoring system
  • It can ensure the top-notch security system
  • Fastest and reliable platform
  • Effective domain management system and more!


9. Namecheap

Best Web Hosting for PHP Website

Are you concerned about security? Do you want to choose the most secure web hosting service? For individual or small or medium-sized businesses, Namecheap will be a better solution for operating the business successfully. This platform allows domain name registration and web hosting. Moreover, they provide three types of hosting plans- monthly, yearly, and 2years.


In each category, they share three types of service plans. The starting price is at $2.88/month. Also, using this platform, you can get several kinds of features that can provide the most secure platform. It has some generic criteria that will help you to manage your website quickly and efficiently.


Top features

  • Included with 50 SSL certificates for one year
  • Provides domain name and privacy protection
  • Included with unmetered bandwidth and website builder
  • Automatic backup system
  • Allows supersonic CDN in beta version
  • Provides personalized email service
  • The unlimited email forwarding system
  • Spam experts detection system
  • MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, and PostgreSQL Databases support system
  • Have some server and control panel features
  • Compatible with google analytics
  • Provides row logs statistics
  • Allows a project management system
  • 24/7 customer support system
  • Money-back guarantee within 30days and much more!


10. Godaddy


Godaddy is one of the reliable PHP hosting services for Linux or Windows. If you are looking for the best technical support in hosting service, Godaddy will successfully fulfill your criteria. In this hosting platform, you can get industry-leading load times, and it can be able to provide the best security system.


They also provide some free tools that will help create a better design for designers and developers. If you start your business with this platform, you will get faster hosting service for your visitors. Though this web hosting solution is more expensive, it will be the best decision for your large business.


Top Features

  • It has two types of web hosting: Business hosting, Reseller hosting
  • Provides 60 GB – 150 GB storage capabilities in Business package
  • Unlimited websites and database support system
  • Allows unmetered traffic in your site
  • Integrated with unlimited SSL for your website
  • Included with WHMCS and cPanel access in the Reseller package
  • Provides up to 250 white-labeled ready accounts
  • One-click scalability system
  • Easy to maintenance and dedicated resources
  • DDoS protection and 24/7 monitoring system
  • Provides 1-year free domain name
  • Refund policy within 30days and more!


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