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Best HR and Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Sep 13, 2021

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In the case of business activities where things are in a state of flux, human resource management is very important because it is evident that if people cannot be well managed, they will not be able to perform their tasks effectively. In fact, from the perspective of the key idea, the goal of the organization, which concerns increasing efficiency and establishing the particular pace of the employees, is tightly associated with an appropriate choice of HRMS Software. This wonderful format does not only distinguish the non-administrative work but also the strategies that expose a company as strategic.


What is the Human Resource Management System?


Human Resource Management software is usually known as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and helps in the management of people, policies, and procedures. It has a number of diverse roles and responsibilities, such as, for instance, the recruitment and monitoring of applicants, the salary and benefits administration, keeping staff data forms, and working with workforce data.


Key Benefits of Human Resource Management System


  • Efficiency in Administration: Getting work done with the assistance of tools results in removing more manual errors, and HRMS software managers can transfer them to crucial duties.
  • Improved Decision Making: The application of the centralized accruing data allows the businesses to outline the data reporting of the employees for the purpose of figuring out of the scope of workforce planning and CEO decision-making.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: Some self-service attributes assist in this aspect in regards to guaranteeing that employees are free to alter their details on different aspects, like their benefits and leave, without the managers influencing them in any way. Which, in turn, tends to enhance the satisfaction and engagement of the employees.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: The fact that the software allows flexibility in selecting the labor market means that the company is sensitive to the legal aspects of the country and in this regards, it cuts the risks of being fined or taken to court on grounds of having violated the labor laws and regulations.


Key Features and Benefits of Human Resource Management Software



This module enhances the step-by-step hiring process, from advertisement to the joining process. It also enables HRMS Software professionals to perform tasks like handling candidates’ application, fixing interviews, and communicating with candidates, among others, using a central platform. Such components as online application processing, resume filtering, applicant tracking, and linking with social media and job boards.


Features Benefits
  1. Online recruitment process.
  2. Digital employee profiles with pictures and signatures.
  3. Manpower planning.
  1. Streamlines the hiring process.
  2. Reduces time-to-hire.
  3. Enhances the candidate experience through a seamless digital interface.


Personal Directory

This module helps in that it acts as a record-keeping system for the organization’s employees. It involves numerous online profiles with pictures, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, positions, and companies. This module guarantees employees’ updated records’ availability and provides for proper organization of hierarchy.


Features Benefits
  1. Digital employee profiles.
  1. Centralized repository of employee information.
  2. Easy access to employee data.
  3. Improved data accuracy.


Time Attendance

Successfully captures employee attendance records, working time, and overtime. It can operate with biometric devices, RFID cards, and mobile applications for automatic attendance capture. It aids in tracking the employee’s timeliness, scheduling, and creating schedules, as well as providing attendance records for payroll purposes.


Features Benefits
  1. Digital attendance tracking
  2. Worker movement monitoring.
  1. Accurate tracking of employee attendance
  2. Reduced time theft
  3. Improved workforce management.


Leave Management

This one manages requests for leave and approvals of the same. The applicant can submit their request for leave through the internet, and a manager can approve such requests in accordance with set policies. Some of the attributes include the ability to monitor balances, view holiday lists, and conform to all leave policies for work and clarity.


Features Benefits
  1. Define leave categories, types, policies, and behaviors.
  1. Simplified leave application process
  2. Better leave planning and tracking
  3. Compliance with organizational policies.


Payroll Management

This module is responsible for managing all the issues related to payments of employees in the organization. Thus, it helps to calculate salary, arrange for tax deductions, and ensure statutory compliance to enable proper and perfect disbursement of salary for its employees. This module allows for multiple structures of remunerations to be processed, management of benefits, and feeds bank systems for direct payroll processing.


Features Benefits
  1. Designation-wise pay scale & rules control.
  1. Automated payroll calculations
  2. Compliance with local regulations
  3. Error-free payroll processing.


Disciplinary Management

The Disciplinary Management module assists HRMS Software in maintaining workplace discipline. It tracks incidents of misconduct, records disciplinary actions taken, and ensures consistent enforcement of policies. Features include automatic notifications for violations, detailed incident logs, and integration with attendance and leave data for comprehensive monitoring.


Features Benefits
  1. Automatic absence disciplinary action.
  1. Ensures consistent enforcement of disciplinary policies
  2. Reduces absenteeism
  3. Maintains organizational discipline.


Final Settlement

The Final Settlement module simplifies the offboarding process by calculating the final dues of departing employees. It includes features for processing severance pay, unpaid leave, gratuity, and provident fund contributions. This module ensures a smooth and compliant exit process, reducing errors and disputes.


Features Benefits
  1. Efficient final settlement process.
  1. Smooth employee offboarding
  2. Accurate calculation of dues
  3. Compliance with legal requirements.


Appraisal Management

The appraisal management module supports comprehensive performance evaluations. It features a 360-degree appraisal system, allowing feedback from multiple sources, including managers, peers, and subordinates. This module helps organizations assess employee performance accurately, identify development needs, and reward high performers. It also enhances employee engagement and development by providing constructive feedback and setting clear performance goals.


Features Benefits
  1. 360-degree appraisal system.
  1. Comprehensive performance evaluations
  2. Better employee feedback
  3. Enhanced employee development.


Training Management

The training management module facilitates continuous employee development. It includes available training information on Continuing Professional Development (CPD), helping employees enhance their skills and knowledge. This module supports the planning and delivery of training programs, tracks employee participation, and measures the effectiveness of training initiatives. It aligns employee development with organizational goals, improving overall performance and productivity.


Features Benefits
  1. Available Training Information on CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
  1. Continuous employee development
  2. Skill enhancement
  3. Better alignment with organizational goals.


Provident Fund

The provident fund module manages employee savings and welfare funds. It supports the administration of Provident Fund (PF) and other welfare funds, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. This module helps organizations manage contributions, withdrawals, and settlements efficiently. It enhances employee satisfaction by providing secure savings options and financial benefits, supporting their long-term financial well-being.


Features Benefits
  1. PF & Welfare Fund support.
  1. Secure employee savings
  2. Compliance with statutory requirements
  3. Enhanced employee satisfaction.


Best Human Resource Management System in Bangladesh: PrideHR


Pridesys HRMS Software is designed to address this gap, giving both supervisors and employees a detailed and informative summary of all HR activities needed with a single click. As Steve Wynn of Wynn Las Vegas rightly said, “Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” 

HR of numerous organizations have achieved a huge breakthrough by using software. For instance, a retail giant reduced the time to onboard a new employee by 75% while simultaneously enhancing employee compliance and overall satisfaction. For instance, a high-tech platform utilizes HRMS Software analytics to identify diversity and inclusion-related issues, enabling the implementation of necessary measures and ensuring a more engaged and productive workforce.


Advantages of PrideHR:

  • 360° Visibility: Recruitment through Retirement.
  • ILP creates a competitive advantage for the organization to hire, retain, and develop the best employees.
  • Positive Employee satisfaction enhances their commitment and increases the level of transparency.
  • Eliminated Duplicated Efforts, easy to complete work in time.
  • The Focus of Human Capital on Strategic Objectives
  • HRMS software solutions are specific to industries.
  • Engagement of employees across all occupational levels in the organization.
  • Improved data security and data sharing across the organizational units.
  • Historical Reading, Present Conclusion, and Future Predicting.
  • Lower operation and overhead costs are the benefits that lead to the total cost of ownership.
  • Seamless integration with Pridesys.
  • Pridesys HRMS Software Reports offer adaptive insights. Thus, users can easily make files that suit their requirements. It can be generated in various formats, such as PDF, RTF, XML, etc., as desired by the administrator.


Report categories include:

  • Business Unit List (Flat View, Tree View)
  • Job Title List
  • Applicant List (by Age, Gender, and Location)
  • Selected Applicant List for Interviews
  • Recruitment Allocation
  • Employee Lists and Details
  • My Profile
  • Assessment Forms
  • Increment Suggestions
  • Employee Wise Attendance Register
  • Attendance Summaries (Month-Wise, Date-Wise)
  • Attendance Statistics
  • Monthly Glance Reports (With/Without Time)
  • Attendance Monitoring (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly)
  • Daily Attendance (Group, Individual)
  • Daily Movement Tracking
  • Leave Applications and Registers
  • Overtime Lists
  • Disciplinary Action Details
  • Final Settlement Reports



Human Resource Management software is essential for businesses in Bangladesh to streamline HR functions, enhance employee engagement, improve productivity, and drive organizational success. By staying updated on the latest trends and innovations, businesses can adopt cutting-edge HRMS software solutions that are efficient, user-friendly, and tailored to the Bangladeshi business environment.



Are you ready to join PrideHR and change the way you handle human resources? Check out our all-in-one HR management ERP, which is meant to make your HR tasks easier, more accurate, and cheaper. Contact us right away to find out how PrideHR’s HRMS software system can make HR tasks easier for your business.

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