ERP Business Process Management (BPM)

Apr 19, 2021

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If you are looking for flexibility and great productivity for your business, but also wish that your business will cope up with all kind of problems, changes and complexity, then you need a perfect set of tools to identify, visualize and manage those problems, changes and complexity. The tool should provide a way to review, revise and renovation of the operations at the process level.

For most of the organizations, big or small it’s hard to make any changes, but this can be done if you have a proper and structured view of your organizations processes, systems, data and hierarchy design. Cause this will help to identify where, when and what kind of changes do your organization need and how the changes will affect your total business.

Business Process Management (BPM) provides the methodology and tools to shape your organization that involves people, process and system.

To implement a proper structure for your organization is easy when your business and IT work together and communicate effectively.

Within Pridesys ERP one of our core elements is the Business Process Management (BPM), which provides the ability to automating, optimizing and managing your business process. Our software has a set of tools that provides integrated view of the end-to-end processes of your organization.

  • Enhance control over the business by providing process visibility.
  • Provide greater transparency of the information, processes and activities to take right decision.
  • Provide focused concentration of all parties.

Business Process automation software toolset

Pridesys Implementation framework

This tool provides a blueprint of the business management system, which will help the decision makers and IT implementer to simplify and understand the business process and system. It’s an independent fully documented model of the entire business, its process, policies, logics, roles, securities and data through which decision makers can monitor, identify and measure their business in terms of financial growth and also the KPI of the employees, business activities and ERP system.

Pridesys Process Modeling (PPM)

This tool provides you predefine and modeled, which is also configurable, on which you ca shape your business. So that you can follow a mode driven strategy architecture for the management and the IT according to the business goal.

Pridesys workflow service (PWS)

PWS allows you to follow an end-to-end business process, so that you do create an interaction between Pridesys and your employee or external software. This tool will enable the user to design, organize, manage and integrate business process through an easy user interface.

Role Based Security

Business process selects the role and role defines who will perform where or what. This security tool will manage the secured access at the role level.

Automating pridesys Application

Pridesys office automation and communication tools will help you to connect your whole organization in a single platform, so that everyone can perform to achieve a single goal. This system automatically triggers and notifies the key people if the situation reached at the predefined level.

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