ERP Trading Business

Apr 20, 2021

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If you are the part of trading business then you are committed to serve your customer efficiently and grow your market share. To ensure for this you need easy and real-time tracking for your go-to-market strategies. Pridesys ERP for your trading business will offer you every feature that enables you with real time data, decision making power and efficient process. You can track your operations so that you will know what is performing and what is not.


Some of the key features:

  1. Efficient Leads management:
    • It is important to grow but it is more important to be ready to fulfil the customer demands when it comes. So a proper lead management will help you to estimate total number of leads, demands in pipeline and the total potential or customer database.
  2. Unite Multiple Sales Theme:
    • Your business will grow and expand day by day, so in this competitive market you need to unite your multiple sales themes. In pridesys ERP you can configure and perform multiple types of sales with required process & workflows and approvals.
  3. Proper Stock Maintain:
    • You will be able to track your consumption plan and can track your stock availability. Priedesys ERP will ensure the proper tracking of your warehouses even if these are located in different areas. You can also get the nonperforming assets identification and stock ageing reports.
  4. No Time Always:
    • You will be always near to your customer and take care of their requirements. We hope with the help of Pridesys ERP you will be able to deliver to your customer on time at the right price.
  5. Source Tactically:
    • Make a proper database of your suppliers. This will help you to collaborate with your supplier and minimize cost and lead time. Pridesys ERP will ensure your all kind of supplier related support.
  6. Motivation for Sales Team:
    • Your sales team is your ultimate performer. So to boost up your sales you need to provide enough motivation to your sales team. Pridesys ERP will make it easy for you to set the sales target and calculate the achievement ratio to reward the sales personnel.

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