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Human Resource Management Software

Sep 13, 2021

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Pridesys HRM Employee or Manpower is the ultimate strength of your organization. Business goals and success depends on them. That’s why you need to ensure a flawless human resources management system, starting from recruitment to final settlement. Pridesys HR Management System is perfect match for your need of flawless Human Resource Management. It’s offering you a full picture of your HR activities, starting from recruitment to final settlement within a click of mouse. “Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas Advantages 360° Visibility- Recruitment to Retirement. Increase the ability to hire, retain and empower the best people. Increase Employee Satisfaction, Ensure loyalty and transparency. Reduce Duplication of Efforts, which minimize the workload. Align Human Capitals with Strategic goals. Industry Specified HR solution. Ensure Employee Participation from every level of the organization. Secured and Improves Data sharing across the organization. Review the Past Scenario, Control Present and Forecast the Future. Reduce Operational and overhead costs, which ultimately Reduce TCO. Allow Integration with Prides” Pridesys HRM Reports Note: Each of the report is dynamic, where users are able to set criteria for the report to be created by the report creating from. The report can be generated in different format like PDF, XML, RTF and so on, which will be determined and set by the administrator of the system. Business Unit List (Flat View, Tree View)Job Title List Applicant List (Age, Gender, Location)Selected applicant list for Interview Recruitment Allocation Employee (List, Details)My Profile Assessment Form Increment Suggestion List Employee Wise Attendance Register Attendance Summary (Month-Wise, Date-Wise)Attendance Statistics Report Monthly Glance Report (With/Without Time)Attendance Monitoring Employee Attendance (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)Daily Attendance (Group, Individual)Daily Movement Leave Application Leave Register History OT List Report Disciplinary Action Detail Final Settlement Reports

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