Pridesys Extended Warehouse Management System (EWMS)

Apr 19, 2021

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Pridesys Inventory management system enables and ensure effective inventory control and increase profits by providing greater traceability, recollection management and stock control across the entire supply chain.

Pridesys Inventory Management System provides superior inventory control.

Pridesys Inventory Management System is a powerful tool to ensure your superior control over the inventory, free-up working capital and to optimize the stocking levels.

Pridesys Inventory Management system ensure:

Coordination: The key elements that drive inventory across the supply chain are coordinated, tracked and controlled to optimize inventory.

Standardization: Standard analysis of slow moving item, excess, active and static stocks to ensure accurate inventory control.

Advance Utilization: Procurement and Production scheduling teams will get a proper forecast for their tasks in advance.

Accurate Inventory Forecast:

Accurate inventory forecast is essential for minimizing inventory holds and also the cost. In an environment where product ranges and configurations are wide, bill of material (BOM) are complex and raw materials lead times are long.

Pridesys inventory forecasting tools enables you to forecast inventory and help you to ensure the forecasted level or amount of raw material or the product which is related to your business. You’ll be able to follow and track the lead time according to your plan.

Grater Performance in Order Fulfilment: Our perfect forecasting solutions enables you to minimize forecast error and manage availability, this results improved order fulfilment performance. This system provides the actual scenario to the related people or staff, what they can promise to customer and when.

Supply and Demand analysis and forecast: Pridesys Material Requirement Plan module will provide you the current and future supply and demand, which enables you to make better purchase and production decision and minimize excess obsolete inventories.

Sources of Supply and Demand: Inventory Management Module contains various kind of tools and reports which will enable easy identification of potential and eligible supplier. Different type policies can be set for the different type of item to reorder them or maintain their stock.

Inventory optimization solution: Pridesys provides you some of the best tools to track and evaluate your forecast. And also helps you to identify the possible causes of the forecast error. Ultimately these tool helps you to optimize your forecast with the best possible outcome and minimize your forecast error.

  • Inventory optimization solution can provide you the perfect forecast for your inventory with the help of Pridesys Planning module, but you can also entry your plan manually and our tools will provide you the automatic forecast, stock level, shortage or excess and the lead time.
  • This tool will help you to compare results or forecast from various angel to determine which type of method is suitable for your inventory or any particular type of item.
  • Tracking Signals provided by the software will enable you to review the forecast if needed. This will also help to do order, reorder or cancel the order at the time when needed.

Key Benefits

  • User defined Inventory workflow management.
  • Hierarchy based requisition approval.
  • Central or Sub Store Setup.
  • Activity Based Cost (ABC) Analysis.
  • Pre-Assumption of required requisition.
  • Stock Movement Analysis (With graph).
  • Multi Method Inventory Control.
  • Multi Location / store control.
  • Orchestrate business process that reduces redundancies and dependencies.
  • Reduced administrative workloads and duplication of effort.
  • Improved, fully secure sharing of inventory data across the enterprise.
  • Platform independent architecture that reduces TCO.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduce operational and overhead cost by 20%-40%.Strong monitoring and decision support system that is accessible from online.
  • Can monitor past condition, present conditions and future requirements.
  • Integration Enabled with Pridesys ERP in any time you need.

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