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Pridesys Inventory

With the growth of the organization, the items of inventory also grow and come in a state where it becomes very hard to maintain the items of inventory and their movements. Our Inventory management software helps create invoices, requisitions, requisition approval, stock movement and perform stock level validation. Pridesys's Inventory Management system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will help to create revenue for your company. The Inventory Management will control operating costs and provide information of the stock status.

Pridesys Inventory Management System will enable the user to maintain the total inventory efficiently. By automating this Inventory Management System user will be able to store all necessary information regarding the materials of inventory. User can either issue or receive materials by this system. The system also generates instant reports for various aspects and thus the way maintains paperless procedures and saves time.

"We want to turn our inventory faster than our people."
James Sinegal

Key Benefits

User defined Inventory workflow management. Hierarchy based requisition approval. Central or Sub Store Setup. Activity Based Cost (ABC) Analysis. Pre-Assumption of required requisition. Stock Movement Analysis (With graph). Multi Method Inventory Control. Multi Location / store control. Orchestrate business process that reduces redundancies and dependencies. Reduced administrative workloads and duplication of effort. Improved, fully secure sharing of inventory data across the enterprise. Platform independent architecture that reduces TCO. Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty. Reduce operational and overhead cost by 20%-40%. Strong monitoring and decision support system that is accessible from online. Can monitor past condition, present conditions and future requirements. Integration Enabled with Pridesys ERP in any time you need.

Pridesys Inventory Reports

Note: Each of the report is dynamic, where users are able to set criteria for the report to be created by the report creating from. The report can be generated in different format like PDF, XML, RTF and so on, which will be determined and set by the administrator of the system.

UoM List Item List Store Requisition Store Requisition Approval Transaction Transfer Report Physical Stock Opening Balance Stock Register Item Stock Stock Reorder Stock Valuation Item Serial Group Wise Requisition
Group Wise Transaction Group Wise Transfer Group Wise Opening Balance Group Wise Physical Stock Order Wise Sales Transaction Sales transaction summary Item wise Stock Report Current Batch Stock Report Sales Transaction Matrix Purchase Transaction Matrix Work Order Wise Purchase Transaction Purchase Transaction summary VAT Chalan

Inventory Module Diagram

User Friendly Interface

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