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IoT in Bangladesh


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The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is the next wave of internet technologies. IoT will fundamentally change how business and manufacturing will be done worldwide. It’s continues to spread across the home and the enterprise, it’s changing how we live and work every day. IoT adoption reached some 43 percent of enterprises worldwide by the end of 2016.



Total investment between 2015 and 2020 will be $6 trillion among both consumer and industrial IoT markets, with industrial IoT leading the growth.

Our Focus Areas:

  • Manufacturing:

IoT is evolutionary. It emerges out of a history of using networked automation systems in industries such as manufacturing and transportation. The idea of monitoring and optimizing use of physical assets extends to all industries.

IoT’s manufacturing investments fall into two categories: Inward facing (those concerned with optimizing systems and saving costs), and outward facing (those that make improvements in customer usage).

In terms of internal investments, manufacturers are using IoT to optimize their processes, monitor equipment, and do preventative and predictive maintenance on that equipment. Manufacturing operations was the IoT use case that saw the largest investment in 2016 across all industries, at $102.5 billion.


In the outward-facing arena, those in this industry use IoT devices to examine how their products are used by customers by maintaining a networked link to those products, and sampling usage data and sensor measurements. This way, manufacturers can analyze results and see broad patterns in terms of how the product is used, which can inform the next generation of the product, or help diagnose problems early.

  • Utilities:

In the utilities industry, investments in the Smart Grid for electricity and gas totaled $57.8 billion in 2016. Smart Grid meters are now widely deployed in the US and in several European countries. It’s relatively simple: Electricity meters have power, so they don’t have to worry about batteries and the business case is straightforward — you don’t have to pay someone to read the meter.

Electric equipment in home and office has also taken advantage of IoT solutions. It’s has large areas and have lots light, switch, AC, Oven etc. to monitor. The effect of loss of electricity and control over all equipment are huge. It’s worth installing IoT system.

IoT devices are also used within power generating plants to monitor equipment over time, to do predictive maintenance, and to provide additional safety oversight, Middleton said.


  • Healthcare: Healthcare is one of the industries that will see the fastest spending growth in IoT in the years to come.

IoT’s use in the healthcare field is very broad. It ranges from medical machines that share images with a patient’s other caregivers, monitoring and troubleshooting problems with equipment, and real-time location systems that can track equipment, dispensation of medicine, and even staff and patients. Advances in implants, prosthetics, and wearables also take advantage of IoT, streaming data back to medical providers.

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Connecting pacemakers and other medical devices to the internet benefits patients by reducing errors and providing more data to doctors to improve diagnosis and quality of care, said Valorie King, IEEE member and program chair of the undergraduate cybersecurity management and policy program at University of Maryland University College. But it also puts these devices at risk for cyber-attacks.

Solutions we offer:

  • Smart Industry: We offer equipment monitoring in both inside and outside the factory. The most popular Connected industry applications were equipment monitoring in non-factory environments. Typical non-factory projects include asset monitoring and remote control of connected machineries.

“Smart Factory” automation and control projects were the second most popular application in Connected Industry including holistic solutions with numerous elements such as production floor monitoring, wearables on the shop-floor, remote PLC control, or automated quality control systems.

  • Smart Building: We offer smart Building solution such as Hotel, Office, In-house. Our solution automates controls of building security and HVAC/Heating/Cooling etc. It will provide full control over all device and in result it will save more than 30% energy saving and increase security to ultimate level with the existing resource. 

IoT adoption stages we advocate:

It will take a long time, and a great deal of money, to achieve the full dream the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s important to plot out intermediate steps in IoT adoption. Companies that launch into the IoT without careful strategic planning are likely to find themselves on an expensive adventure as they connect disparate endpoints like medical devices and industrial machinery and ingest vast quantities of data.


So, we advise our concrete stages in IoT adoption. There are four stages.

  • Operational Efficiency: This stage is taking existing processes, existing products, and instrumenting them with sensors. It can also involve importing existing operational sensor data for analysis by business units.
  • Developing New Products: Services, and business models—often creating new services on top of existing products by connecting them to the internet. For instance, a medical device manufacturer might offer a new service that uploads device readings to the cloud for analysis later.
  • Outcome-based Economy: Developing sophisticated new products that guarantee outcomes—for instance, improvements in the collective health of an HMO’s risk pool or increased total uptime for industrial machinery. These products must encompass multiple industry verticals, and they depend on the emergence of new data and commercial platforms.
  • Autonomous Pull Economy: Final stage in which individual agents publish their own data onto broad platforms and contract with each other for access to it.


IoT Cloud Integration:

Currently we are using below AWS service for our IOT Solutions.

  1. AWS IoT Core
  2. AWS IoT Device Management
  3. AWS Greengrass
  4. AWS IoT Analytics
  5. Amazon FreeRTOS
  6. AWS IoT 1-Click
  7. AWS IoT Button
  8. AWS IoT Device Defender

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