Management Reporting and Analysis

Apr 19, 2021

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Pridesys includes and offers you an industry-leading reporting solution with the pridesys Reporting system. This system includes all kinds of traditional or basic report, a quality number of customized report developed and designed by our experience and our team is ready to provide you any kind of customized report that you planned for.

Reporting system also enables you to generate report with different parameter like date range, department wise, customer and supplier, buyer, product, item, company, bank, account etc. or whatever the parameter you need or your company follows.

Its cost saving too and we dream for a paperless work place. Reporting system will enables you to generate reports in various format like (.pdf) or (excel); you can save, attach in the mail or print if needed.


Pridesys Analytics provides you information which will help to take real-time, accurate and strategic business decisions. It’s an end to end business intelligence tool, so that you don’t need complex technical knowledge or tough font-end tools to generate reports.

Pridesys Analytics is easy to use, easy to configure and easy to implement. You just have to identify your need. Analytics will enable you to create multi-dimensional views of the company data. So it’ll be easy to take functional, operational and monitory decisions. Analytics identify the trends and patterns of the data flow of the company.


Pridesys offers you a real-time and update dashboard, which will provide you various graphical view of functional, operational or transection data. Management can easily understand these data and can use different type of modeling and analysis tools to taka effective decisions.

Sales Analysis

Sales is the ultimate target for the business. Pridesys Sales analysis tools will help you to get the accurate scenario of the sales which is really necessary to forecast the sales and to generate a perfect sales planning. And another most important thing; you can measure the performance of your sales people.

Sales history is recorded in wide variety of formats like sales person, product class, customer, warehouse, geographic area, customer code, order type, branch etc. After record and analysis data can be displayed in bar chart, pie chart or any other graphical diagram. Different trend analysis or stimulation can be helpful for the sales forecast and planning.

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