Monuwar Iqbal crafting future for local, international software industry with Pridesys

Jun 14, 2022

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Monuwar Iqbal, the CEO of Pridesys IT Ltd and Pridesys Global LLC, is a successful IT entrepreneur, technology enthusiastic and visionary leader having expertise on business transformation to build up global ecosystem. He has been working in national and international ICT market for model development of citizen social service innovation, business process reengineering and service decentralization for last 15 years and place a footprint in more than 10 countries like USA, Thailand, Singapore, Japan etc.


Monuwar Iqbal

Financial Express

For their high-quality service that consistently meets the high standard demands of clients from different countries, Pridesys IT Ltd. got two international awards, five national awards and numeric local awards for his wide-ranging technological activities that carry one step forward our nation to digital world. Monuwar Iqbal and his Pridesys IT Ltd team are always looking for and ready to get rare and exciting opportunities to help any ambitious business grow.


Since Monuwar Iqbal possesses vast technological partnership and CEO extensive experience, more than 150 IT professionals are working towards the growth of the ICT sector under his remarkable leadership. His dedicated team is devoted to sustainable development by service automation in government and private organisations and also focused on business process simplification for many national and international clients.


Monuwar Iqbal developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products for trading, manufacturing, and service companies. This ERP software is a digital version of a management service with data access solutions. This software integrates all the factors of any business operation, including planning, production, sales and distribution, development, accounting, reporting, data analysis, etc.

Top leading companies in our garment sector, such as Mahmud Group, are getting ERP automation services from Pridesys IT Ltd. Many big private and government companies, such as Teletalk, are seeking this specialised service from Iqbal’s company to automate and manage their business better and proliferate with better management.


These companies are leaning towards local ERP provider like Pridesys IT Ltd because they provide the same or better services at a lower rate than other international ERP providers. Monuwar Iqbal is not only helping the country’s technological growth but also helping to reduce the brain drain, making the best use of talented graduates.


Mr Monuwar Iqbal and his team also provide different application delivery services such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Block Chain, Cloud Migration, Offshore Development, and Mobile Apps. Monuwar Iqbal always maintains and delivers clear objectives and ensures the clients meet more than their expectations from Pridesys IT Ltd.

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