Planning Commission: GIS Based Solution

Jun 01, 2022

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Planning Commission undertakes research studies and policy development initiatives for the growth of the national economy and the expansion of the public infrastructure of the country, under the Ministry of Planning and alongside the Ministry of Finance.


What we are offering to the Planning Commission is, Selection of Consulting Firm for the Design, Development, and Implementation of an Online and Interactive web-based application Software for the Programming Division covering,

  • Design, development, and maintenance of GIS Interface for Budget Monitoring System
  • Analytic Interface of AMS and other Databases for Programming Division


What is GIS-Based Software:


GIS Based Software - Planning Commission


A Geographic Information System (GIS Software) is designed to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data. GIS software lets you produce maps and other graphic displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation.




The Planning Commission is the Central Planning Organization of Bangladesh. They follows a structural and coordinated approach toward development planning with steps. Moreover,  broken down into a long-term Perspective Plan covering over 10 years. A medium-term (3-5 years) Plan, and Annual Development Programme (ADP). ADP is the key instrument of operation of the development plans.


Therefore, Programming Division of Planning Commission is responsible for formulating the Annual Development Programme (ADP) of the Government of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, its aligned to the objectives and goals stated in the Five Year Plans and Perspective Plan. In addition, Preparation of ADP/RADP is a regular and continuous process in the planning and budgeting system of the country.


In order to initiate the above process of development, the Programming Division was entrusted with the additional responsibilities mentioned below:


  • Estimate district and division-wise break down of ADP allocations initially. After that, it could be extended up to Upazila and Union Levels, as Geocode will be used for Locations of the projects.
  • Formulate guidelines for the local level development plans;
  • Prepare ADP, RADP, Portfolio of Aid worthy Projects, Three Year Investment Programmes annually and reflection of food-assisted projects borne under ADP, RADP, TYIP and its integration into the resource flows;
  • Institute a rational, fully operational sector-wide programming, priority setting and review system for the continuous prioritization and pruning of development projects included in the public sector development programmes (ADP); and
  • Undertake further development of the existing computerized planning database system of the Programming Division.


Planning Commission




Pridesys IT Limited Offers them:

  • Data Interface
  • Analytic Interface
  • Dashboard Interface with Graphs and GIS Capability
  • Administrative Control
  • Query Interface for Parliamentary Questions
  • User Registration and Management Module
  • Login Management and User Tracking Facility and Privilege Creation, Control and Management
  • Data/report export/print facility in PDF, CSV, XML/Json, Excel, and Email
  • Web-based application


Details About Bangladesh Planning Commission


Bangladesh Planning Commission is the financial public policy organization of the Government of Bangladesh. The Planning Commission embraces research studies and strategy development drives for the development of the public economy and the extension of the public framework of the country, pair with the Ministry of Planning and close by the Ministry of Finance.


Also, the planning division of the Planning Commission fills in as the secretariat for all major financial approach questions and for starting the evaluation of development activities and projects by:

  • National Economic Council (NEC)
  • Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC)



National Economic Council (NEC)

The National Economic Council is the most noteworthy political expert for the thought of economic arrangements and development exercises intelligent of long haul national strategy targets of the government of Bangladesh. It fills in as the economic “smaller than normal bureau”, comprising of the super economic clergymen and their authorities, and is led by the Prime Minister.


For the most part, the ministries devise their particular courses of action and projects or undertakings, according to goals figured out by the NEC. The NEC meets when called by the state head, and gatherings can remember outer invitees subordinate for the subject viable. All NEC proposition are subsequently given to ECNEC to be supported.


  • Prime Minister of Bangladesh (Chairperson)
  • Cabinet Ministers (as Members) who have economic portfolios


Supporting officials
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Governor, Bangladesh Bank
  • All Members, Planning Commission
  • Secretary, Concerned Ministry/Divisions


Functions of the NEC
  • Provide overall guidance on the formulation of the Annual Development Program and Five-Year Plans.
  • Finalize and approve programs, economic plans, and policies.
  • Review the progress of implementation of development programs.
  • Take such other actions and decisions as may be considered necessary for socio-economic development.
  • Appoint sub-committees as deemed fit to assist the NEC to discharge specific responsibilities
  • Evaluation impact analysis of projects, programs, and plans on the national living standard


  • Meeting of NEC is held every month and can be held earlier if required by the prime minister (who is the chair)
  • Planning Division provides the secretariat to the NEC


Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC)

The ECNEC Wing of the Planning Commission is accountable for organizing gatherings of the ECNEC and checking the execution of choices taken at the gatherings.

ECNEC Wing is going by a Joint Secretary of the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) framework, who is upheld by two Deputy Secretaries and two Senior Assistant Secretaries.

  • Prime Minister, Chairperson
  • Minister, Ministry of Finance, Alternate Chairperson
  • Minister, Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • Minister, Ministry of Water Resources
  • Minister, Ministry of Commerce
  • Minister, Ministry of Communication
  • Minister, Ministry of Shipping
  • Minister/State Minister of the concerned Ministry
Supporting officials
  • Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh
  • Principal Secretary or Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Secretary, Economic Relations Division
  • Secretary, Finance Division
  • Secretary, Planning Division
  • Secretary, IMED
  • Member, General Economics Division, Planning Commission
  • Member, Programming, Planning Commission
  • Secretary, Concerned Ministry/Division


Functions of the ECNEC

The primary functions of the ECNEC Wing are the following:

  • Call meetings among members of NEC, ECNEC, and along with other relevant officials
  • Prepare the agenda and minutes of meetings, publish and distribute them across the government for action
  • For implementation, monitor decisions are taken at the meetings.



To consider and approve the yearly target of foreign aid bids, expansion of trade, and export of manpower as well as to review the progress of other annual targets.

  • Meeting of ECNEC is held as and when required by Chairperson
  • Planning Division provides secretariat to the ECNEC



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