10 Pros and Cons of Human Resource Management

May 30, 2022

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Human resource management software is a digital solution for overseeing and enhancing the everyday human resources undertakings and, in general, HR objectives of an association. HR software makes it feasible for HR staff and managers to all the more likely to assign their time and resources to additional practical, beneficial endeavors.


Human Resource Management


Human resource management software technology has made considerable progress starting from whenever PCs first were utilized to oversee human capital information during the 1970s. HR frameworks turned out to be all the more broadly accessible to big business clients during the 1980s, and the appearance of online software during the 1990s made HR software much more regular. Most new frameworks are cloud-based, membership-based, effortlessly coordinated with different information management programs, and exceptionally adjustable to a singular association’s necessities, objectives, and spending plan. To put it plainly, there is presently an HR software solution for each size and sort of association.


10 Pros and Cons of Human Resource Management


This article will get the ten most critical upsides and downsides of human resource management that will help you notice the meaning of the human resource management division. Along these lines, how about we start.


10 Pros of Human Resource Management


  • Ensure Better Growth
  • Enhance Employee Relationship
  • Improves Human Resource Planning
  • Increases Organizational Effectiveness
  • Provides Better Managerial Experience
  • Enhance Job Satisfaction
  • Increase Communication Skills
  • Ensure Conflict Management
  • Helps to Motivate Employees
  • Ensure Value & Accomplishment



10 Cons of Human Resource Management


  • Legal Liabilities
  • Maintaining a Safe Distance
  • Insufficient Information
  • Lack of Adaptability
  • Unpredictability
  • Improper Development Programs
  • Expensive to Install HRM Software
  • Recent Origin
  • Inconsistent Actualizations
  • Time-Consuming




Human Resource Management


Pridesys IT is one of the most established and trusted HR management software providers in Bangladesh; It streamlines your HR functions with easy-to-use human resources tools & payroll solutions. ‘PrideHR’ is the HR management solution of Pridesys IT Ltd that gives everything you need to make a human resource management system more straightforward and more practical considering the size of your organization. It assists HR in tracking approvals and organizing workflow. Pride can also monitor and measure employee satisfaction based on various metrics that the software-based HR systems can calculate and report. PrideHR provides human capital management solutions designed to improve the employee experience by putting people first—HR management, payroll system, talent, time and scheduling, engagement surveys, and HR service delivery and helps to improve work experiences for all employees. PrideHR allows you to centralize all your information and successfully manage your employees, recruitment, evaluations, vacations, and attendances from the same place. It also Recruits top talent, creates weekly/monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking, and oversees all crucial vital information for each department at a glance. Also, you’ll get benefits from the latest cloud technologies and a host of intelligent features that will give you a positive review of your organization. The software can be customized as per clients’ needs and offers an end-to-end integration of HR functions with payroll and Service Modules to manage employee profiles, benefits, leave, loans, salary, etc. The employee self-service portal enables employees to input attendance, request for leave, task updates, and all other necessary aspects to keep employees highly collaborative in the company. Our HR software collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you to use it to achieve great results. Whether hiring, on-boarding, preparing compensation or building culture, PrideHR gives you the insights to focus on your most important asset—your people.




  • Online recruitment process.
  • Digital employee profile with picture & signature.
  • Worker movement monitoring.
  • Automatic absence disciplinary action.
  • Designation wise pay scale & rules control.
  • Manpower Planning & Forwarding information.
  • Digital Attendance.
  • Easy way to maintain manpower according to budget.
  • Define leave categories, types, leave policy & behavior.
  • 360 degree appraisal system.
  • Available Training Information on CPD.
  • PF, Welfare Fund supported.
  • 360 degree visibility from recruitment to retirement.


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