Erp Implementation Plan

Apr 19, 2021

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Roadmap to implementation:

Pridesys ERP System is a combination of a comprehensive package of software solutions seek to integrate the complete range of business process and functions in order to provide a holistic view and functionality from one single information and IT Infrastructure.

Almost each and every organization contains a wide range of complex processes and functionalities, a proper roadmap provides the baseline criteria’s for each process and functionalities, to be streamlined with the project objectives and goals.

1st Phase Roadmap




Pridesys ERP is a high end solution featuring integration of various business process data and its application. Each implementation of Pridesys ERP is unique and involves different risk factors. To identify these risks project planning methodology is the most essential and vital part.

Major outputs of this phase are as follows:

  • Project Initiation Report
  • Preparation of Work Break Down Structure (WBS)
  • Critical Path Analysis (CPM)
  • Engagement of Resources


Accurate requirements leads the implementation process towards success. So to get a crystal clear knowledge about your requirements and your organizational requirements (according to the business process) we have specialized Requirement Analysis Team. To collect and analysis all the requirements of the proposed system (for your organization), Requirement Analysis Team will work as the interface between the Software Development Team and User end.

Highlighted Task:

  • Gather Requirements
  • Investigate the Problems
  • Establish the Requirements
  • Analyze and Model the Requirements
  • Propose Actual Solution
  • Develop Practical Design Solution


Proper and flawless design of the system is the heart of a solution. Data and information is like a blood of the organization. And these data will flow to its destination through the designed system. Pridesys IT Ltd. is specialized on proper system design and capable enough to provide you a perfect system design according to your current business scenario. Not only for the current situation, but also our designed system will adopt the required changes in future too, with the growth of your business.

Our specialized System Design Unit will be responsible to analyze, design and develop the System Solution Architecture according to the Software Requirement Specification (SRS). This unit contains a number of qualified professionals and best practice methodologies to carefully develop the solution architectures. In this design stage, the programming language and the platform in which the new system will run also be decided.


The main activity for this phase is ‘Coding’ and ‘Testing’ for the Designed Modules. Coding entails converting the logic designed in the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) into chosen coding language. Coding standards will be followed aligned to the industry standards.




Data Migration

Most of the organization, who decides to implement an ERP or business solution are already well established and running for decades in the local or global market. So each and every organization have lots to transaction and organizational data which are financially important too.

So after loading the new system, results are subjected to verify those data and determine whether data was accurately transferred, conversion of data is complete and supports all processes in the new system. During verification, there may be a need for a parallel run of both systems to identify areas of disparity and forestall erroneous data loss.

Core process Implementation




  • Master Project Plan
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • System Design Report
  • Project Schedule Work Break Down Structure (WBS)
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Data Migration Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Training Manual


2nd Phase Roadmap


A successful implementation required a proper and effective monitoring. Not only just monitor the project but also need to review the findings from the monitoring. Pridesys IT Ltd. suggest to setup a review and monitoring team and this team consists members from both ends (Client and Pridesys). The main responsibility of this team will be to compare project progress towards meeting the objectives as agreed at the planning stage. All arrangements relating to the monitoring program will be as per the approved Review & Monitoring Plan where a possible timetable for action will be given.

The review & monitoring process will involve:

  • Confirmation of the tasks, objectives and standards set for the project
  • Review of the tasks, objectives and standards set for the project
  • Monitor project related activities and activities of IT Department.
  • Recognition of the strengths and achievements of the IT Department & Services
  • Recommendation of the areas for development and how these needs will be met
  • Recommendation of the professional development and training needs and how these will be met
  • Project Status Report at each month

At the end of every phase of implementation plan, Review & Monitoring Team will prepare a review report of the project and will submit to the management of both ends (Client and Pridesys). The goal of this report is to make an assessment of overall performance. Which includes a summary of the progress made towards each objective (set/targeted in the plan). And ultimately to identify the areas for development.


Managed services will be provided by Pridesys IT Ltd. Which will help Client to improve efficiencies and sharpen focus to achieve those strategic objectives. Managed services are the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved, effective and efficient operations. Managed services provided by Pridesys IT will be comprises of:


  1. Application Services: This will ensure smooth operation of the implemented application.
  2. Administration Services: This will enable IT department to handle problems and incidents as well as capacity building.
  3. Support Services: Pridesys IT will provide necessary maintenance and support services as well as training of end user as per the agreement.

3rd Phase ROADMAP







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