Pridesys ERP Modules

Apr 19, 2021

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Pridesys ERP Solutions developed in such way, every module can work independently and they can be integrated with each other also. This ERP includes all the traditional modules under the main categories of accounting, manufacturing and distribution. There is a significant type of reports and analytic tools are included in the system which we believe will cover every area.


Specialized Module

We believe that Pridesys ERP system is already developed with the acceptability of our existing clients “it covers every area”. But we also know that every business is unique, so we are promised to develop and provide you any kind of “specialized Module” as per your requerments.

  • Pridesys Office Organizer
  • Pridesys Financial Management
  • Pridesys Human Capital Management
  • Pridesys Purchase Management
  • Pridesys Sales & Commercial
  • Pridesys Material Management
  • Pridesys Production Management
  • Pridesys Fixed Asset Management
  • Pridesys Garments Process Management
  • Pridesys Textile Process Management
  • Pridesys Security & Access Control
  • Pridesys Analytics (IAS)
  • Pridesys Business Intelligence (BI)

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