Digital Transformation in Bangladesh: How Pridesys is Contributing

Apr 04, 2023

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Pridesys IT Ltd, the country’s top software company, is playing a critical role for the digital transformation in Bangladesh. Pridesys has been actively involved in multiple government projects aimed at digitizing various industries and services. Due to its competence in ERP, cybersecurity, and other software services. In this blog article, we’ll look at how Pridesys is helping the Bangladesh government build a digital Bangladesh.


Digital transformation in Bangladesh

Image Source: Dhaka Tribune


Pridesys Involvement in Government Initiatives for Digital Transformation in Bangladesh:

Over the time, Pridesys has been a key participant in numerous governmental projects, collaborating with several state agencies such as the Planning Commission, Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), and the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, to name a few. Their engagements extend to the Department of Public Libraries, the Wage Earners’ Welfare Board, the Directorate of Madrasha Education, Teletalk, the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Department of Fisheries, the Bangladesh Freedom Fighter Welfare Trust, and the Bangladesh Press Council, among others. Let’s examine some of these collaborations in greater detail:


Highlight Projects:


Dhaka WASA Logo


Dhaka WASA:

One of the key projects includes revamping the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA). Pridesys developed a comprehensive system to enhance the supply chain and HR management, ensuring efficient water delivery to Dhaka’s millions.


Planning Commission log

GIS-based Software for the Planning Commission:

For the Planning Commission, Pridesys designed a Geographic Information System (GIS) software, enabling detailed geographic data analysis and storage which aids in smarter planning and implementation of developmental policies.


BCSIR logo

Digital Chemical Inventory for BCSIR:

In a bid to modernize scientific research, Pridesys crafted a digital inventory management system for the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), which improved the management and tracking of chemicals in laboratories.




Pridesys maintains and supports Teletalk’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Design & Development of Purchase Module and Up-Gradation of Human Resource Module, Design & Development of Dealer Management System Software (DMS), guaranteeing its smooth operation and timely upgrades.


Knowledge and Learning Platforms for PIU-NATP 2:

Design and Development of Knowledge and Learning Platforms for PIU-NATP 2 by the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Department of Fisheries (DoF), Department of Livestock Services (DLS). Pridesys created a knowledge and learning platform that allows farmers to access crucial agricultural information and resources online.


Digital transformation in Bangladesh

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List of Pridesys’ Clients in the Government Sector:

  • Teletalk
  • Bangladesh ICT Division
  • Planning Commission
  • Wage Earners’ Welfare Board (WEWB)
  • Dhaka WASA
  • Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)
  • Department of Public Libraries
  • Directorate of Madrasha Education(DME)
  • Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE)_PIU-NATP-2
  • Department of Fisheries (DOF)_ PIU-NATP 2
  • Department of Livestock Services (DLS)_ NATP 2
  • Bangladesh Freedom Fighter Welfare Trust (BFFWT)
  • Bangladesh Press Council


Furthermore, Pridesys has played a crucial role in the digital transformation of various sectors across Bangladesh, from enhancing water supply management to distributing agricultural information. Through these and other projects, the company has aided the government in refining operations, augmenting efficiency, and elevating the quality of services delivered to citizens through the deployment of innovative software solutions.


Lets Elaborate A Topic of Digital transformation in Bangladesh:

The core mission of the “Digital Bangladesh” initiative is to safeguard democratic freedoms and rights, ensure transparency and accountability, promote justice, and bring government services directly to citizens through digital means, with the ultimate objective of elevating the quality of life. “Digital Bangladesh” is underpinned by four strategic pillars:

  • Digital Government
  • Human Resource Development
  • IT Industry Promotion
  • Connecting Citizen


The Government of Bangladesh’s slogan “Digital Bangladesh” is pivotal for the nation’s progress. With Vision 2021, Bangladesh has vigorously pursued the adoption of digital technologies. Dhaka is rapidly emerging as a center for freelance IT and IT-enabled services (ITES), with the national IT sector poised for further expansion.


Expanding Home Services Through Digital Advances During COVID-19:

The ultimate objective is to bring more and more services to people’s homes as much as possible through increased digitization. If we look at every sector of our nation, for example, in this COVID-19 situation. We may receive a quick overview of our country’s digitalization. New trends, techniques, and devices will greatly influence online activities that affect our way of life. Smart machines and techniques will be necessary for decision-making in business, management, and education, and they will have a substantial impact on our way of life and the responsibilities of decision-makers.


How Digitization Shapes Business and Daily Life:

The effect of digitization cuts through various factors including value to the general overall performance of the enterprise ensuing in progressed productivity, collaboration, SMAC embraced new enterprise models, superior prescriptive analytics, on the spontaneous availability of information, and reduced significance of physical infrastructure.


In conclusion, Pridesys IT Ltd has been instrumental in the path toward digital transformation in Bangladesh. In collaboration with the government, Pridesys has played a significant role in nurturing a digital ecosystem. Through developing numerous systems and solutions that have propelled the digitization of diverse industries, from ERP to cybersecurity, the company is well-positioned to significantly shape Bangladesh’s digital landscape as the nation advances in its digital journey.