Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh

Apr 20, 2022

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To Be More Precise, PrideTex is the Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh. Moreover,  The textile business is impacted via seasonality, fluctuating demand, processing capacity imperatives, and high working expenses. Whether you are into the cotton-to-yarn, yarn-to-fabric, fabric-to-dying processing segment, or every last bit of it, PrideTex (Pridesys ERP Software) can help run operations efficiently.

The spinning industry gets vigorously impacted because of seasonal anger. The costs of Cotton and other raw materials spike out over the world. Because of this, the industry can confront an enormous decrease underway. The spinning and textile industry should be ready with additional inventory to adapt to seasonal obstacles for such occasions. ERP software for the spinning and textile industry appropriately deals with the entire list. ERP software for spinning assumes a pivotal part in safeguarding the enterprise.

PrideTex: Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh

Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh

ERP represents Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP for the textile industry helps obtain outright command over its operations by following it at each progression. The majority of the deferrals and errors are disposed of after implementing ERP software for spinning and textile. Automation acquires a total change how industry capacities, making its workflow smooth. Business Intelligence gives whole bits of knowledge of the business and insights.

PrideTex ERP Software for the Spinning and Textile Industry is designed to deal with complete necessities proficiently, compelling, and precisely. PrideTex ERP has ceaselessly advanced beginning around 2015. Pridesys IT LTD is committed to giving an industry-specific, comprehensive, and robust ERP solution for the Textile Industry. Pridesys technical skill and planning of crucial necessities are the key to its prosperity.


Key benefits of ERP for the Spinning and Textile Industry:

  • Implementation of ERP for the spinning industry lessens the functional expense of business and industry, as postponements are totally disposed of.
  • All of the data and information are stored centrally, so at whatever point required, the data can be gotten at any occurrence.
  • The finance and accounts module helps keep up with legitimate account records of transactions and keeps reports. The balance sheet can be ready in a single tick.
  • ERP for the textile industry integrates the whole system, making an inter-connected network of departments and divisions for consistent correspondence.
  • Inventory the executive’s module in ERP for textile and spinning industry monitors obtained raw material and items by allotting them with lot/serial number.


Efficient Supply Chain

  • Cotton bales purchase-Storing the bale number-wise subtleties: weight, quality, etc.
  • Giving Cotton on bales no., subsequently keeping Inventory bale no. Wise.
  • Catch Production with Carton no. subsequently keeping finished Inventory carton no. wise
  • All internal and outward development is followed at Security Gate, Weighbridge, Quality lab, and store/yard areas.
  • Plant development: different situations including Inward, Outward, Stores Related, Purchase or Sales Return, Rake Inward, Inter-Yard Transfers, Waste or Scrap development, etc.
  • Traceability all through the assembling system: Track lots by style, color, size, range, and quality


Complete Financial Control

  • Maintain Division wise & compact finance books Costing/capability, Logs & Profitability. Inter division Sales & Purchases on a real-time basis
  • Cost analysis for subcontracting, production, etc.
  • Accounts endorsement and bill approval for Purchase, Services (contractors/job work), or Payload scenarios
  • Material expenditures, Overhead expenditures, and Process wise expenditures; detailed product expenditures and variance analysis to control product expenditures
  • Manifold Stock MIS with 10 level prepare down: Group -> Entity -> Division -> Plant -> Dept -> Cost Center -> Equipment -> Item Group -> Item -> Issue Slip


Effective Production Planning & Control

  • Production planning: Monthly Production Timetable, Material Prerequisite Plan, Scratchy Cut Plans, and process parameters like temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Process-wise production: Minutely capture procedure details like blending, opening, pin-drafting, roving, spinning, and, when required: plying and dyeing.
  • Shift-wise Production with Batch, Lot & Godown Management.
  • Standard to actual yield calculations to manage dissent analysis
  • PLC & DCS Integration with ERP
  • Quality Control: linking of quality parameters at inward, production, and outward stage
  • Sophisticated and Accurate MIS on Production expenditures/Plant Performance
  • Plant maintenance to run operations smoothly and lessen shutdowns.


Sales & Dispatch

  • Inquiry & Quotation is followed by a three-level order cycle: Sales Contract, sales order, and Delivery Orders.
  • Consignment Sale transactions: Stock transfer invoice for consignment agent and subsequently invoices as per actual sales.
  • Flexible pricing methods- cash discounts, quantity discounts, fixed period sales contracts, credit control, etc.
  • Sales e-invoicing is generated instantly by linking to Weigh slips and Delivery Orders.

Reasons Why You Should Choose PrideTex And Why PrideTex is The Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh:

PrideTex is a specialized Product of Pridesys IT Ltd. It is a super dynamic & fully automated product. PrideTex is developed based on Garments Organization & Industrial Manufactured Company. It will cover all departments & all kinds of works in a Garment’s Organization.


It’s a secure, scalable, and on-demand application system. PrideTex is a combination of multiple modules such as Quotation & Pre-Costing Management, Sample Management, Merchandising Management, Garments Commercial Management, Inventory management, Production Management, Garments Washing management, Industrial Engineering (IE), Dashboard Management.


From order receive to ex-factory all solution is covered in this product. It’s a furnished product from 2015. Since then, it has had many success stories. Multiple national and international awards were received. Champion of Basis National Award 2017 in Industrial Application Category as well as Runners Up of World Summit Award 2018 in Business & Commerce Category.

Key Points:

  • Around 200+ factories are using PrideTex solution.
  • Globally more than 20000+ users use PrideTex.
  • Yearly 1+ Billion Dollars exported by using PrideTex Solution.
  • More than 1+ Billion Production Capacity Allocation, Planning & Execution automated in PrideTex.
  • 1200+ Stores are maintaining their Inventory by using PrideTex.
  • Group of Company Support.
  • Multi-Level Approval facility.
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Supported.
  • All Types of Buyers order Tracking Can be handled through PrideTex.
  • All Types of Suppliers can easily monitor by PrideTex.
  • From the order negotiation stage to Shipment every single Process can be maintained through PrideTex.
  • Every Department will efficient & can save time by regular use of PrideTex.
  • All Types of Approval are digitalized & signatures are auto-generated on the report.
  • Manage & integrate all aspects of the business key functions.
  • Provide the right information to the right people at the right time with notification.
  • The way of access information easily maintains proper confidentiality.
  • Proper Production Monitoring & Shipment on time ensured by PrideTex.
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicate work or downtime.

Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh

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