Pridesys Education (Training and Certification)

Apr 20, 2021

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If you want to enjoy the full flavor of the business automation, then you need proper empowerment of information and knowledge about it. Pridesys IT is committed to provide you and your user the proper information and knowledge. We will ensure your training process real and as accessible as possible.

All of our knowledge sharing process are listed below and all of them is free to our Pridesys community.

Elevate your Pridesys experiences with Pridesys education:

Pridesys education plays a vital role in optimizing your experience with Pridesys ERP. You may new or already a partner of our community for years, we know people learn and gather knowledge in a different way, so we offer different process of learning.

E-Learning module:

This module aimed to serve new users to learn about Pridesys ERP. Download these modules to your computer, laptop or mobile. Use them for the self-assessment.

On-site Training:

On-site training is applicable for the existing user. After implementing the new process or any update, this may require for the existing users.

Feature guides:

You can read about the specific features, that you are searching for.

Feature Demos:

User can watch video demo of any module or any other new feature and updates. There are some videos demos for some of the complex Pridesys ERP modules.

Training Guides:

These guides are designed for both business process training and module specification. So user can update themselves at any level. And can learn easily about modules along with the process.


Listen to a live product-based session on new or existing product or feature. You can also download the recordings whenever you need or required.

The Pridesys certification program:

Our Pridesys Certification program allows you to certify as end user or as a value added reseller. This program is designed to make your learning process and experience easure.

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