Pridesys is Working to Make a Better position for ERP Service

Jul 05, 2022

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Pridesys IT Ltd. has established itself as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the software development industry. For over eight years, this dynamic company has been at the forefront, providing tailored ERP services and solutions across various sectors, including garments, textiles, footwear, finance, insurance, and more. Their mission is to empower domestic industries by offering robust alternatives to foreign software, thereby fostering a self-reliant technology ecosystem.


Revolutionizing Industries with Pridesys Software Solutions

With an impressive portfolio that spans more than 20k clients across ten countries, Pridesys IT Ltd. is not just a local hero but a global software ambassador. Their commitment to creating secure, scalable, and on-demand application systems has earned them a prestigious position in the market. This trust and reliance on their software solutions have paved the way for international expansion, showcasing Bangladeshi prowess on a worldwide stage.

Leading ERP Service Provider in the Garment Industry

In the garment industry, Pridesys IT Ltd. has revolutionized operations with its comprehensive ERP service and software. Deployed in countries such as the United States, Madagascar, Thailand, Fiji, and Indonesia, their systems manage everything from cutting to production planning. This sector-specific ERP solution underscores their ability to meet complex industrial needs with precision and efficiency. Their influence extends to over 15 garment companies internationally, further affirming their expertise and global appeal.


Achievements and Recognition

Pridesys IT Ltd. is no stranger to accolades. Their innovative PrideCut, an AI-based solution for fabric planning, won them the BASIS National ICT Award in 2019. This recognition was one among many, including their inaugural triumph as the Champions of the BASIS National ICT Award in 2017 for introducing ERP solutions to Bangladesh. Their expertise in Big Data analysis also earned them a finalist position in the 2018 awards.

Their continuous excellence in ICT solutions was recognized in 2021 when they received “The Daily Star ICT Solution Provider of the Year”. Other notable achievements include the Entrepreneur Award (Uddakta Award) in 2018, the APICTA Merit Award in 2019, and being runners-up at the World Summit Award, all of which underline their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Leadership and Vision for a Digital Future

Under the visionary leadership of founder Monuwar Iqbal, Pridesys IT Ltd. is committed to advancing the national agenda of Digital Bangladesh. Pridesys IT Ltd. maintains its position at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by proactively integrating advanced technologies. The team’s dedication is a testament to their role as pioneers in the IT sector, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in technology and ERP services.


Conclusion: Leading the Way in IT Innovation

As a leading software company, Pridesys IT Ltd. stands out for its strategic vision, technological prowess, and impactful solutions. Their role in promoting domestic software to reduce dependence on foreign systems, coupled with their success in the international arena, marks them as a key player in the global software industry. With a robust team of over 2000 professional IT engineers and a rich portfolio of award-winning projects, Pridesys IT Ltd. is not just participating in the digital revolution—they are leading it.

Pridesys IT Ltd. continues to drive innovation and excellence, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the technology sector. As they move forward, their impact on the IT landscape looks set to grow even further, promising exciting developments in software solutions worldwide.

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