Project Planning Process Steps

Apr 20, 2021

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To minimize the stress associated with migrating to, or implementing a new system you’ll be needing strong project management with careful planning to steer the change management process.

Pridesys project management team will work closely with you to generate a project plan for your business according to your requirements. This plan will help you to track you the progress of the total project of it is going as it was expected.

The plan contains:

  • Scope statement
  • Management Plant
  • Important Mileposts
  • Escalation plan
  • Reporting Structure
  • Project schedule and budget

On your acceptance Pridesys will prepare a time and action calendar for the project, set the target and plan to complete the project according to the calendar.

System design & coding:

The system design includes the total technical specification and the scope of how the business process to be configured and set, which is adoptable for the solution. The planning will be a roadmap for the project.

  • Building a presentation and prototype
  • Establishing detailed requirements
  • Requirements and solution design mapping

Proving the Solution

You need to test the system before providing it to the end user and also collet the feedback from the end users. This is one of the key parts of the successful implementation.

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