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Material Management Module

Sep 13, 2021

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Pridesys Material Management One of the main objective of a manufacturing company is to ensure a proper Supply Chain Management Model and follow every steps of it. Supply chain management needs to be strong and implemented exactly the way it was planned, otherwise the business faces huge losses due to excessive lead time and material wastage. In order to ensure the free flow of material and reduce wastage, Pridesys IT Limited provides you with the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in Bangladesh. Our Pridesys ERP© is an all-round Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software that has the solution to all your problems. Our Pridesys ERP© Material Management Module eradicates the mismatch of inventories and thus reduces the cost for the business to a larger extent. Our Pridesys ERP© Material Management Module helps you in multiple ways: Material Valuation: It does not matter if you use Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) or First-In-First-Out (FIFO), our material valuation helps in determining the price of the material to be recorded and at what price they are sent for production. Multi Location Inventory: If your business have multiple warehouses to store your raw materials, then you do not have to conduct stock valuation every week or month. Pridesys ERP© Material Management Module records your material from numerous warehouses at once and gives you a summarized as well as detailed report of your inventory. Lot and Serial Tractability: Pridesys ERP© Material Management Module also can record your inventory in lots or in serials so that you can keep proper track of your material usage. Scheduling and Resourcing: Our Pridesys ERP© Material Management Module monitors your inventory level from time to time and helps you to plan your resources effectively by streamlining all the work order scheduling and activity planning. In overall, Pridesys ERP© Material Management Module is the solution to all the Material Management issues of your Manufacturing Business.

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